Sometimes when you have supportive people in your life, you can realize just how unsupportive other people in your life have been all along.

Today, I ate honey that tasted like buttered steamed corn on the cob.

Keep doing your awesome thing, bees.

Man, I let this account sit and do nothing for like a year. I'm checking this again.

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There were so many species of animals I saw so much as a kid that I don’t see at all anymore. Everything is headed straight for extinction and we don’t even notice except as the occasional article that relegates all of this to a symbolic abstraction and data. But I haven’t seen a monarch butterfly in a decade. That isn’t an abstraction.

Suddenly owner of an anarchist Telegram channel with 2000 subs, somehow. Neat.

Roommates really unsympathetic to eating healthy. Here I am losing 20 pounds in 3 months, halfway to a healthy body weight, while everyone else is a hypertensive pre-diabetic and they're mad that I don't want to eat a "nice dinner" of their usual stuff that I said I didn't want hours earlier.

Yep, there it goes, already getting shit for wanting to eat healthier. Good friends they are to try to actively obstruct me from being healthier if they can help it.

I want to go vegan again but I'm trying to think of ways to deal with all the pushback I'm going to get for it.

How far off is it to say that post-left is de-spooked left? After you kill the spooks of work and workerism, civilization, organization, and leftism-as-a-spooky-ideal, what's left that separates the left from the post-left?

How on earth are we a year into this thing and people still don't understand the absolute most basic epidemiological reasoning behind the masks? Is there a more charitable reason than "willful ignorance"?

Anyone else think the Half-Life logo was a deliberate reference to the circled A anarchy symbol that somehow flew under everybody's radar? is a server run by individuals who are friendly to a nihilistic worldview.