Been struggling to figure out ways I can balance my fondness for wizards with autobiographical comic writing, while also simultaneously retaining anonymity while making art on a public profile. Think I've found a glamorous and elegant solution.

kinda lewd, more bad mood 

Am I a Sex Addict? The Ways This is Starting to Affect My Life Negativity

*and other fun titles*

Screaming, as a tiny little ant from down below 

I won't let anybody make me feel small!!!!

in this system built against me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

request for help 

I've really been wanting to avoid making one of these posts, but I just noticed that I have less than $100 left to spend on my credit card and less than $200 in the bank. Groceries as a Californian who can't eat gluten are super expensive, so I need more than that if I want to continue buying them for more than like a month!
I've set up a spotfund here and there's always my ko-fi at and Patreon at
Boosts help

I'm a bit appalled by this newspaper putting its investments as two front-page stories, above the fold, for their Sunday edition, and basically, they smear the & campaign because their parent company, Cox, is chairing the fundraising for the fucking police foundation

Somebody went through the article on the birdsite and explained how it's copaganda, and replies to the author were all calling them on their shit. Both threads available at (one after the other, both embedded as rechirps or whatever)

about a dozen Trumpers outside the FBI office in Phoenix yesterday. some of them armed, at least one confederate flag

Is this mushroom familiar to anybody? They keep coming back in big numbers after storms, look cool.

Asking for donations for two disabled folks - food, meds, power bills. Please boost 

Hi everyone!

Sorry to ask that but in 2019, we used to spend 250€ a month for food including our EDs. With inflation, we now spend twice this amount.

We live only on my disability benefits (920€) and it gets impossible to survive.

We also need 150€ for our power bill and money for my meds which are not refunded and really important for my health.

Thanks for any boost or donation! 💙

all I want is to be Jason Voorhees for Halloween
I want to happily observe while that little piano doot doot doot song plays in my head

have you seen her lately, have you seen the moon 🥺

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