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Been getting a lot of spam from people on Probably going to domain block that instance, as it has been an ongoing issue

Changed transmission fluid today. When I drained the old fluid, about 6 liters came out. The manual for this transmission states that 2.95 liters is the maximum capacity. No clue how the mechanic who did this last managed to screw up so bad. On the bright side, the car now has much lower rolling resistance and I don’t have to row between 1st and 2nd to get it into reverse

Looks like LBRY is getting sued by the SEC. They always came across as a kinda shady to me. Not surprised.

It is getting a bit toasty in here with this many cpus crunching numbers. Had to open a window. Can’t wait to get my other Xeon running

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Been a while since I have had rigs running folding@home Starting that up again today. I already have one machine - the Armor x10gx in the background running. Going to put in on a few spare raspberry pis and a vm on my editing machine


Well....I am 100% in favor of yesterday’s qc. I really hope this isn’t a joke

Day #2 of using an iPhone. I miss so many features of the pinephone - system wide ad blocking, ability to run desktop programs, browser addons and many more. I cannot see myself using this in the long term without a jailbreak

Looking into . Pretty cool project. Might have to see what I can do with one of my spare SBCs

Drugs, Death adjacent 

To the fucks who sell drugs containing fentanyl: Fuck you.
To any users out there: I know nothing I say is going to stop you, so please stay safe. Have someone nearby. Carry naloxone. Get your drugs tested for dangerous shit.

For anyone struggling to get their to work, I have some good news. I now have call, text and data working under with Verizon. I posted my steps here:

Any recommendations? This time, I am looking for some hiphop from whatever obscure, tiny artist you can throw at me

Is there any interest in putting together a style fedi movie group? I miss watching bad scifi with all of you and would love to build a community like that. Thoughts?

Does anybody know of a circuit simulator that would let me simulate more advanced components like ROM chips, 6502 (or similar) microprocessors and displays? I want to learn more about electronics design, but I would rather not spend a lot of money on components that I will end up accidentally frying
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I am joining . What instances do you recommend?


You asshats better vote

I suppose I could just kick the can down the road by hacking something together with the free year of aws ec2 and deal with finding proper hosting in a year

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Advice request, tech adjacent 

I would use a peertube instance, but because it is p2p, it has the warning about sharing your ip address in embedded videos and I don't want to freak out visitors

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Advice request, tech adjacent 

What is the best non youtube video sharing platform? I have a simple github pages site that needs to have a few videos embedded. Most platforms I see charge about $5 per month for the "pro" tier which I would probably need due to file sizes in excess of a gigabyte. In my head, this is not worth it, as I could just spin up a VPS for cheaper. Thoughts?

Any advice or resources for sandboxing, limiting or otherwise fucking with test proctor software? As a student, I am required to install spyware, obviously, I am not a fan of that. My first instinct is to use a VM. Is there any way I can manually reduce my webcam quality in Linux? Any other ideas?
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I just got a DM asking about the Rhizomatix project mentioned on my profile, but I somehow misplaced it before I could reply. Not sure what happened there. Hopefully the person who asked sees this. Rhizomatix is a collaborative tech blog project that @rusty and I run. It is accessible over both gopher and tor

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