I suppose I could just kick the can down the road by hacking something together with the free year of aws ec2 and deal with finding proper hosting in a year

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Advice request, tech adjacent 

I would use a peertube instance, but because it is p2p, it has the warning about sharing your ip address in embedded videos and I don't want to freak out visitors

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Advice request, tech adjacent 

What is the best non youtube video sharing platform? I have a simple github pages site that needs to have a few videos embedded. Most platforms I see charge about $5 per month for the "pro" tier which I would probably need due to file sizes in excess of a gigabyte. In my head, this is not worth it, as I could just spin up a VPS for cheaper. Thoughts?

Any advice or resources for sandboxing, limiting or otherwise fucking with test proctor software? As a student, I am required to install spyware, obviously, I am not a fan of that. My first instinct is to use a VM. Is there any way I can manually reduce my webcam quality in Linux? Any other ideas?
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I just got a DM asking about the Rhizomatix project mentioned on my profile, but I somehow misplaced it before I could reply. Not sure what happened there. Hopefully the person who asked sees this. Rhizomatix is a collaborative tech blog project that @rusty and I run. It is accessible over both gopher and tor

It looks like gammu can do voice calls too! This is great news! I just might be able to have a phone that is completely CLI

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Good news! I may have figured out how to send SMS from CLI. Still waiting on a way to make and receive calls, though. Solution for texting is the package gammu

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I am trying to figure out how to make a receive calls on my from the command line. I am running pmOS with the fbkeyboard interface with the goal of being able to do everything over CLI. Can anybody point me in the right direction?

I am looking for a good platform to host my short films and other video projects. I avoid google, so youtube is out. Vimeo is expensive for what it is and most peertube instances limit users to 500MB/day or are filled with alt-right bs. Any suggestions for either other platforms or good instances with high upload limits?

There are references to a build of for the that comes with Lomiri on the forums, but I cannot find a download link. Am I missing something?

Today, a Verizon employee told me that my is not compatible with the network when i tried to get it activated, but there are people on the forums who are using verizon. Anybody know what is up with that?

Where can I find documentation on interacting with the indicator LED on my pinephone? The rear flash LED was straightforward enough, but I have not figured out the front indicator.

I am going to try out postmarketOS on my today. Which DE should I try first?

Looks like the discord issues are due to a cloudflare outage

Anybody know what is going on with discord? main site as well as status.discord.com seem to be completely offline

Both Rhizomatix and my personal blog will be offline for a little while today. I need to do some work on my home network

Congrats to everyone on r00t f0lds! We made it to #99! Woo!


r00t f0lds up to position 102. Looks like we will probably break 100 tomorrow


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