Hey masto admins, what are you using to run your instance? Looking into setting up a single user instance on a VPS. What kind of specs should I be looking for?

people of fedi: I am looking for the cheapest rack mount case that fits an atx power supply and motherboard as well as a full size dual slot pcie card. Orientation of the card does not matter. Any suggestions? It does not matter how terrible it is - I can promise that it will be an upgrade over my current chassis in terms of airflow if nothing else (see attached picture)

Been spending a bit too much time on BandCamp. Turns out there is a lot of really good music out there. Wishlist growing much faster than I can afford. So, why not add to it? What are you all listening too?
Boosts are cool

I work at a movie theater. A couple weeks ago, I decided to snag a few old movie posters that were going to be thrown out. I also got some old 2x2s from a shelf that was being taken apart. The result: kinda cool. I used one of the 12ft tall posters as a base and then layered the smaller ones on top. I made a frame from the scrap wood, mounted it on there and now I have a sweet collage to put up

Just picked up the new Royal Blood album. Was my first time in the local record shop. The hours are weird enough that it has always been closed when I tried to go in. Glad I made it. Pretty sweet spot

Was at the local goodwill today and came across this record. I had no idea what it was, to be honest I just bought it for the great sleeve - who wouldn’t want a record with some old timey composer in front of a synth system? Turns out the musician is a fucking legend. She was one of the developers of the Moog synth, composed music for Tron, A Clockwork Orange and The Shining, won three grammy awards not to mention undergoing transition in the 60s. So anyway, a round of applause for Wendy Carlos!

Looks like Ohio is suing Google. I have a hard time believing it will succeed, but best of luck to those fighting for some proper regulations on anti consumer tech giants. msn.com/en-us/news/technology/

Just about to tear into this engine. It cannot get above 45mph and has a mild misfire. I doubt 276k miles has done these injectors any favors, so starting there

……It’s almost as if hosting so many sites on one central failure point is a bad idea…..

Today’s activity: Faking it ‘til I make it - programming in JavaScript edition

@syrinx So…. I totally meant for this post to be followers only. Nice job, self

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Just picked up this tape deck. Nothing too fancy, but the price was right and it is in good condition. Needs some new belts, but other than that it should be good to go. A great addition to my dirt cheap hifi setup

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