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There's a great deal that I do not know, can not know, and need not know.

I decided that the fly in my room that’s been bothering me for the last week is actually my homie and he’s just giving me fly hugs whenever he lands on me and that change in perception has made all the difference.

when Chief Keef said “that’s that shit i don’t like” he was talking about industrial civilization

@athousandgateaux in a previous draft of the post, i was comparing how revolutionaries and conspiracy theorists alike have this misguided sense that somebody is "in charge", that there is power to seize that is wielded by a person. i completely agree that if the world is ruled, it is ruled by these alien and inhuman autonomous rule machines of law, bureaucracy, military, and corporate forms, and this has only accelerated with computerization.

I’ve probably smashed ten thousand pumpkins in my life, when I was a kid we used to take a special trip every October to a lady’s house who had probably two hundred pumpkins every year and just smash the fuck out of them for ten minutes or so. The annual pumpkin massacre. The next day she would have two hundred more pumpkins and we’d do it again. In 2015 that lady hosted Trump at her house while he was campaigning. We smashed them shits again, the original anti fascist action pumpkin liberation front

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Linear time is just hierarchy turned sideways!

I believe conflict to be good and the dissolution of conflict for the purpose of society building to be a necessary component of statecraft. Conflict is just as vital as affinity.

The algorithm ordering everything by popularity or “what’s trending” has really affected my ability to find music the way I used to.

Yes I did just get off the phone with my mom yes I do think I’m gonna throw up now

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Every day I wonder when I’ll get the phone call that my mom is intubated and it’s not looking good. I have no idea how to stop this outcome, all I know is that my mom will probably die. I can’t accurately describe how much rage I feel for the people that manufactured this situation.

@tom_nomad Having a few epiphanic moments and one is how money perpetuates futurity because it implies a future exchange.

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Slow at work so I’m reading @tom_nomad’s notes on Capital so as to better encapsulate why I hate being here. ⚔️

Up next on my foraging list is chestnuts, acorns, and wapato.

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My body hurts all the time but I’m kind of stoked on a lot of shit I’ve been doing recently. Anyhow here’s a bunch of mushies I got the other day:

I got to go off last night for the first time in a long time

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