@riotmuffin would you say you’re pondering everyone pondering orbs??

If I engage with you on here it’s cause on some level I consider you to be my homie.

I'm a nihilist in that I believe there is no meaning to existence. In the absence of any external meaning I'm free to create my own. I desire a better world where the people I care about (which is everyone to various degrees) is safe and happy. The pursuit of that brings me joy, and most of the time that's enough. For me, the conscious choice to desire joy is what makes us uniquely human.

@GLaDTheresCake that’s why I said “assuming technology is linear”, of course it’s not, it’s a thought experiment. I think we can agree that some forms of technology are more complex, would that be more palatable for you? What is the most complex tech that could still be produced without coercive labor? Or don’t answer, that’s fine too.

I never said the word “exclusively” or anything like it, but surely you can see how even simple tech like wheelchairs create bias (and are shaped by bias) in regards to the way the world is reproduced. Would wheelchairs exist in a world that wasn’t covered in concrete? Or does one necessitate the other? Is there a reason you chose wheelchair instead of more complex tech? Is walking the “right” (for lack of a better word) that we all should be able to do or are there other forms of transportation apart of that equation? Should we all have access to cars etc? Do cars make the “right” to walk less accessible for everyone?

To make myself clear: I want to live in a world in which “disabled” people are able to live with more freedom and more dignity and aren’t seen as dis-abled! I believe the vast majority of human history has been this way and it has been “low tech”. I believe that the current technological regime does more excluding than including in regards to ability and creates more “disabilities” and stigma towards those disabilities than it does to alleviate disability or stigma. I believe it would be next to impossible to disentangle certain technologies from that outcome.

I feel like you have some stake in purposefully misunderstanding everything I say, like my simple thought experiment, so that you can call me ableist or colonialist or eugenicist or whatever, and if that’s the case I think I’m done with the convo! I really just thought I could explain myself better but maybe I can’t 🤷‍♀️

@GLaDTheresCake I’m down to continue talking about this assuming you’d like to do that, I still can’t really tell, but we should better try to understand each other. imo “disabled” (in our culture) mostly means dis-able to participate in the reproduction of daily life (commodity consumption/production etc). “Disabled” people were not thrown into a ditch and left to die in all cultures until industrial tech came along and liberated them, in fact in many low tech egalitarian cultures so called disabled people were the most valued members of their community as evidenced by highly elaborate burials etc, probably for being so uniquely different in so many things, including their abilities. The difference is that we live in a world that values only that which can participate in the aforementioned daily reproduction and most technology exists in order to enable people to do that. I’d rather be reliant on my community who loves and cares for me (possibly a type of technology in and of itself) rather than reliant on an alienating technology whose production (and the world it necessitates) I abhor! I also just don’t think the production of (most) tech without coercion is possible. I often ask people what level of technology (assuming technology advances at a linear pace) do you think is possible without coercive labor and now I’ll ask you the same.

@GLaDTheresCake @anarchistbicycleclub posted a pretty good (and fairly short) take on tech a bit ago and I’d suggest checking it out maybe. There’s a whole host of other tech related things I could recommend to you but this one is prob the least offensive to your position


@GLaDTheresCake of course my single sentence toot was unnuanced, that’s why it’s a toot. But you called me a eugenicist and reactionary, doesn’t exactly seem like someone that wants to have a dialogue, and that’s fine, we don’t have to! I hate to break it to you but if capitalism *went away* then the vast majority of the things you just described wouldn’t be produced anymore! And I don’t think it’s worth keeping capitalism around to ensure that they are being produced, in fact, I’m willing to guess that the production (extraction, transportation, labor power) of those specific technologies disables (among other things) a lot of people in the process. Is that an acceptable outcome to you? I myself “need” a lot of tech, I’m incredible not suited to live in a low tech world, almost none of us are. And yet that’s what I want to do, but I wouldn’t be able to force this reality on anyone else even if I wanted to (I don’t).

@GLaDTheresCake @dynamic @anarchistbicycleclub sorry, my initial response is a little rude but i think it’s hard to argue. You seem to think I’m in the camp of “we’re gonna steal everybody’s estrogen!!” and that’s just not true and I don’t know any techno pessimistic people that even think that. In fact many of those people are trans. Anyhow if you assume that I think things like that then I don’t think we can have a productive convo about it!!

@GLaDTheresCake @dynamic @anarchistbicycleclub most technology kills and disables a whole plethora of people and makes the lives of other minorities like trans people infinitely worse. It’s inherently eugenicist and reactionary

@anarchistbicycleclub *that* being psl esque presence. I never interact with anyone like that irl even tho I guess I do see lots of whack ass hammer and sickle shit around

@anarchistbicycleclub honestly I wish there was more of that here for the sake of clownin

Marxists always be like “read more theory lol” to anarchists but really the only general stereotype that maybe applies to all anarchists is that we be readin

@anarchistbicycleclub yeah I’ve really only ever read the redguard vs psl beef from a few years back and that shit rules, featuring pictures of the red guards holding psl signs upside down in somebody’s background like they just captured the opposing regimes flag or somethin

Gear-greaser as the post-left version of bootlicker

Y’all probably won’t believe me but Zerzan called Uruk “progressive” way before Graeber did. The difference is that Zerzan doesn’t think something being progressive is good.

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