Think I might get the fuck off the internet for a bit

Say whatever you want about the new matrix, but did anyone catch the fact that the cover of Wake Up at the end is performed by that band that peed on an audience member’s face recently?

No scrollin, if I see the post I see it 🤷‍♀️

Tonight I play a game called hide from my boss for as long as possible.

I think a lot about how the funeral for Sacco and Vanzetti had a wreath with a banner that read "Aspettando l’ora di vendetta" (awaiting the hour of vengeance) and that the Galleanists and their comrades as far as Argentina tried to achieve that.

For the destruction of work, and the proliferation of joy.

They're losing hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars, whoever did this I love you so much

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My work got hacked and all of the computers across three different state lines are down for at least the next five days, lol!!!!

*taking my mask off after a ten hour shift*

me: “The human face is extinguished by a Leviathanic mask which is itself masked, veiled, hidden. But the mask does come off, even if the flesh must be yanked off with it.”

My partner: “…”

My roommate: “shut the fuck up”

A thought: all living things resist violence done to them, whether that violence be physical, psychic, spiritual etc. The state, and authority more broadly, is a monopoly of violence imposed on us at all hours of all days. We writhe in its grip, even if our writhing amounts to nothing. We go to work because its grip is too tight, but we struggle from within, we scream and gnash our teeth even if it amounts to nothing. We commit a thousand small rebellions every day, materially and spiritually. But eventually its grip will weaken and our writhing will not just be a hundred thousand inconsequential acts of resistance but the destructive potential that unmakes its power over us.

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