Out of step with the world. At daggers drawn with the existent.

Typing out twenty different posts about how shit I feel and deleting all of them, who can relate

If you were actually planning on waging guerrilla warfare against the state then you wouldn’t be posting training pics on IG. But we both already knew that.

if anyone has any zines/pieces about straight edge (or semi similar topics) in anarchism or the left in general, i'd love to take a look at them! i feel like my understanding of sobriety is heavily influenced by christian reform logic so at the very least i need to fix that

@CriminalCabbage so this was forever ago cause I’m ancient but I started figuring out how to go about it, taking food from work, asking restaurants and grocery stores for free food, trying to find a kitchen to cook out of, etc. and doing those things helped me to find folks who wanted to take part. Then people from my own life, coworkers, friends, folks apart of my various subcultural milieus like hardcore started to take interest. I started by setting up tables of food at local events (music in the park etc) and a lot of people took notice and before you knew it the local SDS chapter always showed up and I was arguing with them about dumb shit on a weekly basis. One of those SDS kids happened to be Matt Bruenig and now is a famous for being cringe af. Anyhow it was a lot of fun until it wasn’t then I moved on and did other things!

On my way home tonight the wind turned all the leaves into little mice and frogs that scuttled around me and turned back into leaves again

Being a curmudgeon has its disadvantages but I can’t help it.

I ask because often when I mention things like anthropologists generally agreeing on certain societies being more egalitarian I inevitably encounter some clown who just randomly says “but noble savage tho!!” What’s so weird about acknowledging that certain lifeways have vastly more potential for autonomy, equality, etc? It sucks because the noble savage trope is real, I encounter it all the time via pop media typically in the form of the mystical indigenous person. But do people employ it more often to rightly criticize these pop culture stereotypes or do they more often employ it in defense of a whacked out pro civ colonizer narrative?

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In y’all’s opinion, what is the noble savage fallacy and where are its boundaries? Is it a worthwhile criticism to employ (for whatever reason) or is it too nonspecific? Is its origin (European colonizers) so whacked out that we should remove it from our lexicon entirely?

Found a used copy of Future Primitive yesterday and rereading it today I’m reminded of the most recent Zerzan publication with detritus books because of how similar it is. This dude is consistent as fuck, what he was saying in 1988 is what he’s saying in 2021.

What radicalized you is a ridiculous question. What do you mean? At what point was I not totally overwhelmed by an intense sense of wrongness? I don’t actually know. What I can tell you is that at some point I found the words to somewhat accurately describe why things feel wrong, is that being “radicalized”? Are there people out who actually don’t feel fucked up all the time? It took exposure to certain information for them to discern that things are in fact fucked up? Who are these people and how can I never interact with them

Recurrent corneal erosion, not to be confused with recurrent cornmeal erosion

Kinda fucked up that we're trapped in the belly of this horrible machine and the machine is bleeding to death.

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