@sparky this sort of meme is going around pretty much every year, so accurate I guess

@enby_of_the_apocalypse @sparky "You can't OWN a meme, man", but not gonna lie, it is disappointing to see that a variant without our watermark is circulating now

The rational, good thing is that it's become ubiquitous enough as agitprop that people do just reference it and translate it into other languages

but without the tag, the irrational part will not make the good brain juice quite so much

@sparky @enby_of_the_apocalypse That’s totally fair!

It’s not exactly reasonable to feel, but also, most people aren’t in our situation.

I think given the characters it would be more realistic if Lisa would be explaining this 😉 (and Marge would maybe hold up a related poster.)

@sparky Unfortunately! That’s not so funny when you think about it.

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