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Slacker 10 Commandments:
1. Never report fellow workers.
2. Never "go the extra mile" or "put in extra hours" without fair compensation.
3. Always make it appear you are "going the extra mile".
4. Never participate in "mandatory fun", especially on your own time, unless you actually enjoy it.
5. Never report a shoplifter.
6. Always conceal your coworkers mistakes whenever possible.
7a. Never worry about the company profits.
7b. Sabotage is OK, but be safe.
8. Always put working class customer needs before that of the company.
9. Never go out of your way to serve capitalist class customers.
10. Always steal office supplies.

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Oh so you all of a sudden started caring after Buffalo?

Did you start caring after Unite The Right?

Did you start caring after Las Vegas?

Did you start caring after Christchurch?

Did you start caring after El Paso?

This has been escalating exponentialy over the years. Theirs so many, so ungodly many that I can't even list the ones from 2018 alone.

This isn't a bunch of random lone wolves, this is White Supremacist insurgency.

And the more you don't care, the more they will happen.

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I'm sick of being around cars, having to hear cars, see cars, breathe their fumes, worry about getting hit by them, walk around parked cars when I wanna cross the street, hear people talk about cars, live in a city that's built around cars cars cars cars cars...

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yo this is neoliberalism not neoconservatism bro; totally different strain bro, I promise. Please don't stop listening to us you are doing mindfulness and harm reduction please

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if you can get tackled, ziptied, and arrested by agents of the state for protesting the state without their permission, do you *really* have the right to protest? does it make it better or worse, knowing that *they knew* the charges wouldn't stick, and they just wanted to beat you and strip you of your humanity because you spoke out of turn?

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white supremacist terror 

is a re-calibration tool for the settler colonial + anti-Black state!

while the gun-toting mass murderer seeks to kill to defend the existing order of whiteness, patriarchy, and property, the state uses that act to bolster the strength of prisons + police + property

they need each other, learn from each other, even as one relies on spectacular methods and the other addresses the spectacle with slow bureaucracy

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TikTok, discussion of abortion protests 

From @crutches_and_spice on TikTok

If your protest can be ignored it’s useless.

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US Neo Nazi discourse, Great Replacement 

The Great Replacement theory isn't new, and it's online circulation has been around for a very long time too.
The difference is in the 00s and 2010s I had to seek it out - stormfront, pol, etc. - when I wanted to monitor what the far right was saying.
The soft introduction into American media isn't entirely new. During highschool, so Obama's presidency, I saw it in the way Bill O'Reilley and Glenn Beck talked about immigrants.
Tucker Carlson and friends

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civilisation wants us to feel completely isolated and alone. we live in the most built up overpopulated environments. we are so close to people, but we have no meaningful connections. your neighbours are strangers. you live 20ft apart but you don’t know them. it’s designed that way. we spend our days sitting on trains and buses with strangers who we would never dare speak to, or alone in cars, going to work with people who we can often barely tolerate. we search for connections online but they are ethereal and obfuscated through filters and abstraction that leave us trying to connect with faceless thoughts outside of time and place. when we can find time for our friends—when we’re not too exhausted—it’s in fleeting moments where we find ourselves growing more and more distant by the barriers that make it difficult for us to keep in contact. everyone is so far away. then the cops kill some kid in your community, right on your doorstep, or on the other side of the world; and we just shrug our shoulders because that person is a stranger. then some kid shoots up his school in america and everyone shrugs and says the teachers should have done a better job noticing his behaviour patterns. and we built this world. we put it together ourselves. we made a place where even surrounded by people, we can feel entirely alone, and genuinely be entirely alone.

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emojo humor 

As Katie Mack once said:

☀️ 🌍 🌕 --- lunar eclipse
☀️ 🌑 🌍 --- solar eclipse
🌍 ☀️ 🌕 --- apocalypse

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