Now it’s perfectly acceptable to come into the anarchist scene and loot what you can for profit. Maybe even get a book deal out of it. Internet culture is doing serious damage to the anarchist milieu. Not too long ago the idea of anonymity in line with the EZLN was the default but now turning yourself into a brand for internet clout. People like this cannot be trusted.

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Quick history reminder: It was common practice for the Nazis to enter largely liberal/ leftist areas and trigger brawls before going to the press and claiming they were the victims of everything before saying "Only we can save this area." Sound familiar? It should.

Michigan's National Guard wants to take over forested land larger than the size of Chicago in order to train military and police forces from around the world.

Camp Grayling (largest national guard training base in the US at 148,000 acres) in Crawford county, MI, is looking to more than double its size by leasing 162,000 acres of public-use state forest for training against "new threats such as space and cyber warfare."

Various local orgs came out against it, citing the environmental risks, lack of transparency and accountability, and Camp Grayling's history of knowingly contaminating Lake Margarethe and Crawford's broader ecosystem.

More info:

Let's not let them turn the world into a wasteland of launchpads and office space. Land back.

CALL TO ACTION! This Monday, Sept 19th, we’re flooding Gov Gretchen Whitmer and DNR Director Dan Eichinger with calls to STOP CAMP GRAYLING!

These two people have the legal power to stop the Grayling expansion project where it stands and protect two major riverways.

The pictures below have the contact info.

For updates, you can follow

You can’t be frightened of little things in life or you can never do big things. Like if you’re scared of paper cuts or scissors you can’t make a cool shield like this. Or if your family is in danger from a volcano you can’t just call the police. It’ll be too late. You must act.

-My seven year old


Cops don't like to punish pedophiles.

Whenever it comes up, they leave it to CPS to handle everything.

Fucking Denver police arrested someone and left them in a patrol car parked on train tracks while they "cleared the suspect's vehicle". A train fucking hit the car and gave this person a brain injury, and responders took them to a hospital.

mutual aid fair in portland this thursday, 9/22 at grant park! looks like a good time, i might bring some goodies or music to share.

#pdx #portland #oregon #mutualaid #equinox

Do me favor, don’t cap for fascists. I’ve been seeing so called anarchists wanting to share blame for environmental degradation when we don’t have anywhere to put their containers, or packaging. We don’t create these things, and we do not develop these materials. The garbage patch in the pacific, the polluted lakes of pig waste, animal runoff into vegetables, microplastics…these are byproducts of capitalists who developed things without concern for the environment.

Complete blackout in Puerto Rico, 1.5 million without electricity…

Killing the cop inside your head should open the way to killing the cops outside our heads.

Corporations do not need you to hate your body to sell you cosmetics, creams, deoderant, or any other kind of "self-improvement" product. They can sell you these things just as easily through body positivity as they can through manufactured insecurity, and they do not care one bit how they do it, as long as the products sell. Self love is not, in itself, a radical act.

If it's "not mass surveillance infrastructure" but trivial to subvert for surveillance without anyone knowing, it's mass surveillance infrastructure

I didn't know there was a popular kids copaganda show call Paw Patrol, but this video has a very long take on it:

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