Hi Peeps, first major update of Nudie.Social in 2022!

Today I rolled out Sengi UI, a multiple instance front end for Pleroma. #Sengi is made by the cool team at @sengi_app , mimicking the classic design of TweetDeck. It will fill the large void of MastoFE being removed several months ago.

To registered users: Head to https://sengi.nudie.social/ , click the + button, type pl.nudie.social as the instance name, and experience Sengi!

OTOH, the #Pleroma code base has been updated to latest. Enjoy!

#nudiesocial #meta



yeah, all my comments are now marked as "[removed]" by [deleted] 😕

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I noticed I was not able to read the feed for my Reddit account on either teddit.net or libredd.it - which concerned me. I then navigated to reddit.com/u/somenudist ('u' and 'user' should be interchangeable) and experienced the frowny face (as in the first attached screenshot) and the suggestion that my Reddit account has been banned. After at most a few seconds, the page would resolve to a broken feed (as in the first screenshot).

Is this what getting "shadowbanned" on Reddit looks like? Is it worth it to try and talk to Reddit staff about all this?

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someone wrote a paper, with lots of citations, arguing for a distinctive "right to nudity" (and not trying to rely on simply establishing precedent that laws against indecency, and so on, will not be used against nudists)

it's not anarchist, at all (which matters to me), and I think I facepalmed a few times, but I dunno, it's interesting and maybe worth a read all the same


"I don't consider myself to be a nudist, more nudist aligned. I'm more in the 'optional' part of the 'clothing optional' spectrum"

what. ARE. you talking about

people gotta stop overthinking this stuff

The new nomenclature for years will be BRE and ARE

Before Radtown Era and After Radtown Era

someday I want to write a blog post that basically asks the question "(white) nudity on stolen Native land: Is It Valid?" which wouldn't so MUCH be about nudism as it would be about the property regime - and here, we would necessarily arrive at a critique of North American landed nudist clubs like Ponderosa, not singling them out but seeing them as of a piece with, like, white landownership in general

but like, also, we all gotta live somewhere. and if you're a) an effectively penniless millennial and b) also want to be able to sun your gens within view of the curb, OPTIONS ARE LIMITED

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ok, so, I literally only need two more people who are nudists, have access to a bit of money, and want to live just outside of the relatively anarchist-dense and considerably prole city of Hamilton, Canada

this article's old but I bet they haven't sold yet. my own personal nudist credentials are, of course, long and numerous


to be clear, tho, if I had been the Nirvana baby, I would be tempted to do what I could to get some $$$ as well

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glad to hear that completely inoccuous photos of baby's dicks are not gonna be classified as "child pornography". like, imagine the precedent


From the archives: "The Right to go Nude" 

On June 24, 1979, the local iteration of Pride took place in San Francisco, California. This was the 10th annual iteration of the event since the original San Francisco Gay Liberation March on June 27, 1970, just over a year after the original Stonewall rebellion.

By 1979, the event was locally called “Gay Freedom Day”, later to become “International Lesbian & Gay Freedom Day” in 1980, then finally the “San Francisco Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride Parade and Celebration” by 2019.

Lots of people, then and now, just called it “Pride” or “Gay Pride” – including “the anarchist flashers” who wrote and distributed this flyer in 1979. Apart from the title above, the whole of the text is presented below the break with a bit of typographic clean-up and a few links to Wikipedia.


To the marchers,

We are outraged by the attempted ban on nudity in this year's Gay Pride Parade proposed by the Parade Committee. But we oppose a boycott because the parade does not belong to any committee. It is a parade of, by and for all people supporting liberation for gay people. We support the natural right of people to go nude not only on Gay Pride Day, but every day of the year.

The anarchistic dykes and faggots who set off the Stonewall Rebellion did not debate beforehand whether or not they would be offending the Church or State.

The human body is not the problem for any society. Sensual repression only distracts us from the real problems. Chronic unemployment, private property, and white and male supremacy are problems. U.S. exploitation of Chile, South Africa, Puerto Rico and Iran is a problem. Co-optation is a problem. Gay Liberation does not mean assimilation into the existing norms of a sick, imperialist society.

Sexual liberation is impossible if we regard our own bodies as 'obscene' or 'offensive'. Nudity is offensive when used as a sexual weapon or commercial enticer, as it has been on many of the bar floats in the parade.

Many people will prefer not to go nude because of the objectification they may be subjected to, and we support them. Women especially have suffered from sexual exploitation and are aware of how their bodies can be abused and manipulated. For example, a double standard persists that allows men to go barechested while women may not. This helps to create a commercial market out of women's bodies. We encourage you to dress or undress as you wish.

The only way we can move on with liberation is to move on. Go nude on Gay Pride Day, if that is what you want to do. We encourage you to support any and all who choose to do so.

Don't Mourn, STRIP

— The Anarchist Flashers

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