I like it when people just lie on r/nudism...

Check this:
> Hello me and my husband (both male) have been nudists since we got married 4 years ago and were in the process of adopting a kid who's already 13 how should we get him into the nudist lifestyle or should we leave it and not try idk what to do

Like, perhaps it should not be so, but two gay men who are trying to adopt a child - who is 13 years old already - are not going to succeed if they do the nudist thing too. Them's the breaks

People responding to this "quick question" seriously, which was posted by username killer7gamer, is incredible

Friendly reminder to wear clothes while cooking with oil

Mr. Andy Ngo has been talking about two incidents of "nudity at Pride", one in Seattle and one in Toronto.

If you don't know Andy Ngo, he is a right-wing journalist with bad journalistic ethics. Most of his content is designed to stir up feelings of hate and rage.

He boosted a video purportedly from Seattle, apparently, where kids and at least one naked man (in the foreground) shared space.

He also boosted a video purportedly from Toronto, in which a naked man in a Daffy Duck mask dances in the street and does small hops where, sigh, he thrusts his bits.

Obviously the latter person is not a nudist (and it sucks that he is getting attention for being a nudist in Toronto, when in fact there were a number of other nudists present), but it doesn't matter. Ngo is associating nudists with the "cancerous element" in Pride (for those in his audience who don't know that the rest of the audience thinks Pride as a whole is cancerous). This has implications for us!

I :black_bloc_blob:

dare YOU :jokerfied:

to b~oo.oo.oo~st 🔁


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any particularly good anarchist (or queer, nihilist, or queer nihilist) critiques of "nature"?

I know I've read some, but I'm lazy and don't want to go looking, haha

[originally posted, without an image description, on September 17, 2021]

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meme, nudity 

so, what's crazy is that I had NEVER seen a naked chad vs. virgin before today

from teddit.net/r/nudistmemes - most are absolute trash

someone wrote a paper, with lots of citations, arguing for a distinctive "right to nudity" (and not trying to rely on simply establishing precedent that laws against indecency, and so on, will not be used against nudists)

it's not anarchist, at all (which matters to me), and I think I facepalmed a few times, but I dunno, it's interesting and maybe worth a read all the same


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