my buddy is in grad school to learn to be, like, a physical trainer (or something, I honestly don't really know exactly the parameters of what he's doing, but it's like, bodies and athletes and shit)

anyway, I was a guinea pig for him to do some weird thing where he scanned my lower back today. I had to lay still on, like, a table (like in a doctor's room) and get gel on my back so that, basically, he could do some ultrasound thing (and I could not tell you precisely what the point of any of this was)

the main thing is that he was like, "I'll lift up your shirt", which was fine, and also he was like "I am just gonna stuff some paper towel between your pants and your buttocks", which is also fine I gues,s lol, I expected something to this effect

but then after the part where I was horizontal, I had to stand for a bit, and I was, at that point, asked to take my shirt off. which was also fine, but at this point, it's like, the gel situation got a little out of control and I have more gel on my shirt than I think was necessary

I could have just been asked to take my shirt off from the get-go. It probably would have been more comfortable, and less messy

Again: people are obsessive and compulsive about clothes. Like, it seemed more reasonable for him to stuff paper towels into the waist of my jeans than to just, like, suggest that I expose some ass (which, in any case, he touched in the process of stuffing paper towels in there)

pretty funny overall, lol is a server run by individuals who are friendly to a nihilistic worldview.