I guess this is the beginning of a video series with sort of a intent

cool? I think it's cool

someone wrote a paper, with lots of citations, arguing for a distinctive "right to nudity" (and not trying to rely on simply establishing precedent that laws against indecency, and so on, will not be used against nudists)

it's not anarchist, at all (which matters to me), and I think I facepalmed a few times, but I dunno, it's interesting and maybe worth a read all the same

glad to hear that completely inoccuous photos of baby's dicks are not gonna be classified as "child pornography". like, imagine the precedent

there's a lot of kink-at-Pride discourse happening, which is adjacent to the issue of nudity-at-Pride. I have been thinking of writing something, but this was a good take is a server run by individuals who are friendly to a nihilistic worldview.