There has been a lot of activity on the r/nudistmemes subreddit recently, I think very few of them are good at all but this one is Fine and I support it

I noticed I was not able to read the feed for my Reddit account on either or - which concerned me. I then navigated to ('u' and 'user' should be interchangeable) and experienced the frowny face (as in the first attached screenshot) and the suggestion that my Reddit account has been banned. After at most a few seconds, the page would resolve to a broken feed (as in the first screenshot).

Is this what getting "shadowbanned" on Reddit looks like? Is it worth it to try and talk to Reddit staff about all this?

Please boost! 🔁 🔁 🔁

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so, what's crazy is that I had NEVER seen a naked chad vs. virgin before today

from - most are absolute trash

It was bound to happen eventually.

At some point, I may write a longer thing. Basically, though, it appears that I was technically violating the rules regarding self-promotion; far more than 10% of my posts to the subreddit were just links to + comments on those posts

At the same time, like, they never even gave me a warning? Rude

But not in any way surprising. No one appreciates a persistent critic, haha

a Discord server is not a "clothing-optional place"

and like

it is usually possible to play video games with other people naked, without them even knowing

Redditors, amirite?

and for posterity, the feet image

I feel I like this concept, but it's an issue, in my opinion, that every set of feet is on the paler side of the skin tone spectrum

obviously I just have the picture I found on the internet the other day when I was making it (search term: "bare feet" or whatever, lol), but yeah, I dunno, this will be a big theme with me but representation is, like, endlessly problematic, in basically every imaginable way

also graphic design is, uh, not my passion, in case anyone was wondering

Show thread is definitely, like, an interesting initiative, lol

very inactive. there are only 2 posts made in the last year, apparently.

couple funny things on there. this is the most recent thread (flag attached): is a server run by individuals who are friendly to a nihilistic worldview.