ok, so, I literally only need two more people who are nudists, have access to a bit of money, and want to live just outside of the relatively anarchist-dense and considerably prole city of Hamilton, Canada

this article's old but I bet they haven't sold yet. my own personal nudist credentials are, of course, long and numerous



someday I want to write a blog post that basically asks the question "(white) nudity on stolen Native land: Is It Valid?" which wouldn't so MUCH be about nudism as it would be about the property regime - and here, we would necessarily arrive at a critique of North American landed nudist clubs like Ponderosa, not singling them out but seeing them as of a piece with, like, white landownership in general

but like, also, we all gotta live somewhere. and if you're a) an effectively penniless millennial and b) also want to be able to sun your gens within view of the curb, OPTIONS ARE LIMITED

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