a Discord server is not a "clothing-optional place"

and like

it is usually possible to play video games with other people naked, without them even knowing

Redditors, amirite?

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obvy if people somehow make friends this way, then great, I'm not trying to be judgy or anything (and if I was, I'd be critical on the grounds that they're using Discord as opposed to, like, Matrix)

but it seems really strange to me to create, like, a community around enjoying being naked

and an online community no less! like, this isn't a naked Halo LAN party (which would be sick as hell btw), this is... well, it's pretty obvious what it is, isn't it

this warrants another thought:

I am not even against the "search" for community or something

but I think it's a strategic mistake. I am browsing Reddit and, like, seeing so many people who - from the limited prism that I have on their lives - seem unusually preoccupied with nudity, and also usually some combination of lonely and naïve .

this was certainly my experience on, too, where literally every person would have "books, movies, television" listed in their Hobbies & Interests section, and clearly the entire thing was actually about the photos of naked people and the unstated desire for a nudist boyfriend or girlfriend (i.e. a person whose entire imagined personality, to the extent that you have GONE to a WEBSITE to find that SPECIFIC THING, is that they are - in some sense - a nudist)

I could go on a longer rant about my previous experiences on that website (it's been a long time since I really tried a sustained engagement with the platform, but I have checked it out semi-frequently over the last few years, including when I had the old blog on Tumblr), but the issue is, really, not just about nudist online sociality, but around online sociality in general

it just doesn't deliver the good stuff. you need to do shit offline for that

the implication, for nudism, is that you just need to do it. and like, if you're not in a place (in your life or in the world) where you can't have access to the world of landed nudist associations or the rest of what I would call "mainstream naturist sociality", and/or that whole world doesn't seem that interesting to you (for whatever reasons), that means... nothing. because YOU JUST NEED TO DO IT, and unfortunately, that may be more difficult for you, but it is still the imperative lesson. becuz you won't find what you want online

which leads to some MEDITATIONS ON THE THEME OF ANARCHO-NUDIST STRATEGY (coming soon to a fedi account you might just be subscribed to)

okay, not "literally" every person. I did in fact meet one cool person through that site (miraculously) and I am sure there were a few others (not in my area) who were halfway interesting as well.

and by "halfway interesting", I don't mean, like, an anarchist and/or exactly like me, I just mean... you have something interesting to say, that's visible from the get-go, y'know

I have met a number of nudists who fit that description, but again, only once on, and otherwise in other contexts (mostly at the beach and at large anarchist gatherings in the U.S.)


Perhaps online communities provide a sense of anonymity that allows people new to nudism to feel safe to explore, before taking the plunge?

@ninja oh for sure, I don't want to knock it 100%

also, like, I am mostly criticizing the mainstream of online communities, y'know? and while I am personally open to some pretty radical critiques of things like, I don't know, city-based civilizations (never mind the internet), I do think that there is obviously a pretty major difference between small, decentralized communities (which used to be more of what the internet was) and the awful corporate social media environment of, like... since whenever Facebook came onto the scene in a big way, at least

@ninja which is to say, I appreciate a more tech-compentent person like you setting up an instance for nudist community to happen :)


Thanks for the kind words. I might be able to run an instance, but running a community is definitely out of my comfort zone.

That said, it'd be a good thing to have a naturist presence in the fediverse.
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