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this is sort of a reboot of an old project on Tumblr that a very select number of people might remember; it was kiboshed in late 2018 with the infamous nudity ban ("female-presenting nipples" etc.)

not taking this project too serious, but not taking it NOT serious either

my pronouns are he/him if you need them

and like, I want others to see them, but not for their own sake, becuz they are better off not knowing

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I am constantly tempted to post cringe content

Like, every day, I am floored by just terrible sequences of words

I post new things on and I immediately do a flurry of post-publication edits

such is the way of the world

we lost Andrew Martinez too soon (1972-2006)

this is pretty wild (and more than a few atrocious lines) but it's interesting stuff I think:

More male nudity in mainstream media that isn't played for laughs, stat

capitalism encourages and allows space for sexually charged and aggressive exhibitionism and/or voyeurism - albeit often a criminalized space - while, at the same time, suppressing non-sexual nudism in public so as to create an enormous scarcity of non-sexualized nudity-optional space

such nudity-optional spaces as exist are typically secluded, expensive to maintain (thus, usually only accessible to people with middle-class jobs), culturally homogenous, and totally boring

the gendered nightmare is the #1 obstacle to realizing nudity-optional anarchy

If your anarchism doesn't have space for nudism in it... 

honestly there's a pretty good chance it's mostly still alright


@somenudist I thought there might be some common injokes, maybe about salad dressing or telling someone "your fly is down!" or something lol.

Anyways I found this fucking gem because I never say no to a dare

@ninja word, I suppose there is a pretty important difference 😂

that said, as an anarchist... some of us have pretty different ideas about what "communities" are and some of us don't much like the word "community" at all (I oscillate between both positions)

I agree that it'd be nice to have some kind of presence on here tho! I guess it's growing, I think is a new project? and surely there are some other FLOSSy nudists out there with Pleroma accounts and/or some sort of critique of mainstream social media

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