Apparently the Gay Liberation Front are having their own pride march today bc corporate pride wouldn't let them bring trade unions to the front with them this year but I can't find any details about it so I guess I'm not going :(

can't remember where I saw people discussing it so can't reply to it directly but saw some folks discussing Federici + Caliban and the Witch yesterday and it's worth remembering that Federici has drifted v close to trans-exclusionary stuff in recent years and the roots of that can be seen to some extent in her older work so pls be careful

(also read the criticism of her work in the first issue of Baedan from an anti-civ + gender abolitionist standpoint)

okay last day of work this week, my boss is on holiday, (first ever no-cop!) ldn pride is tomorrow, I'm seeing my best friend from uni and her cat, we can do this pals

my childhood cat died today so I'm taking this as a sign that she died so we could have no cops at pride - it's what she would've wanted

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I think it's good when there are more websites. it's also good that some of them are connected to each other. but they don't all have to be

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Laura just came home and was like "I found a book you might like" and handed me Satoshi Nakamoto's White Paper with no idea what it was I love them

(He posted some weird scaremongering stuff about Turkey carrying out drone strikes as though that's *the* prelude to invasion rather than A) literally what has already been happening and B) definitely not what a military power does as an immediate prelude to invasion when they _haven't even started a troop buildup yet_ like seriously what kind of conflict journalist is this guy)

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COME TO THE NEXT OPEN ASSEMBLY on Tuesday 28th June at 6:30pm in Halkevi.

Otherwise, write us here or drop us an email at


Halkevi Kurdish Community Centre
FOR MAPS SEARCH: 33 Dalston Lane, E8 3DF
The space is now WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE. Ring the buzzer on Tyssen Street.




Please do not come if you have symptoms.

#SolidarityNotCharity #MutualAid #Dalston

How will the Police Crime Sentencing & Courts Act impact our right to protest?

As the Act comes into force next week, join @netpol and @gardencourtlaw for a free online seminar on the new powers.

🗓️ Thurs 30 June
🕠 17.30 to 19:00

Register now at:

A friend is making something I wrote into a zine and another friend is doing illustrations for it I'm feeling very 🥰🥰🥰🥰

The baby anarchists I've been hanging out with (a bunch of them are like 3-5 years younger than me) almost just posted a bunch of photos from a bloc without blurring faces or removing metadata yoiks :blob_cat_ohnoes:

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