Sustainability, as used frequently in an axiomatic sense, is utterly useless unless tied to duration. All life is a process of consumption and expenditure. Life itself is the appropriation of an excess of these inputs, and death their release. The only reasonable outcome for any organism is self destruction.

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Thinking about ecological discourse and the Medea hypothesis. All multicellular life is suicidal.

@ruin not "reasonable", not "suicidal"... it's just how it works, and it's good it works that way.

@ruin “If [they are] dealing only with staying alive, and thinks, ‘if only I have dear life,’ [they don’t] apply [their] full strength to using, i.e., enjoying, life. But how does one use life? By using it up, like the candle, which one uses by burning it. … Enjoyment of life is using life up.” - Max Stirner

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