Communists have their tools for understanding couples and triplets, pairings of legible forces, and nihilists, as well as a special few anarchists, have ours for one and for infinity.

What I mean by this is that the modern leftist mode of binary thinking (which we can largely blame on Marx and Hegel) is a great tragedy, and that anarchism would do well to recognize that it's power, both now and historically, lies in the exploding of a systems purported coherency, demolishing its legibility, and blasting its authority and legitimacy, which has happened through the simultaneous ownership and disillusion of these concepts, only ever on our terms and not theirs.


@bugs Not that I’m one to stick up for Marx and Hegel, but dualism has played prominently in western thought dating back to the Manichaeans and even pre-Christian Gnostics, and is largely unchanged to this day.

The fact that that folks lump themselves into opposing identity groups should make plenty clear the general lack of awareness of the futility of this cyclical mode of thinking. “We’re not fascists, we’re anti-fascists! I’m not an archist, I’m an anarchist!… and on and on…”

It’s a binary, not of two parallel or divergent lines, but two points on the circumference of a circle. They always come back to each other and sadly often occupy precisely the same space, as they are made of the same substance.

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@ruin @bugs but capital remains, and its ownership remains the knot we must untangle, aye?

@jfa @bugs That’s actually not my view of it. If we don’t untangle the psychological knot in each and everyone of us, there is no addressing larger social or economic systemic issues. Even assuming that capital is a “thing” to be destroyed, if secular humanist thought is the basis for what follows, nothing changes. Fascism and leftism (even anarchism) rely on conceptions of truth and justice. They may have different goals and tactical orientations, but both still ultimately lead to tyranny and reinforce the cycle which creates them. Good and evil are incapable of destroying one another. They are one in the same.

@ruin @bugs as I understand it is the relationship that needs to be destroyed not the 'thing'. If left unchecked it will always move inexorably towards the inquity we currently face.

By changing our relationships to no longer be mediated by capital, but by mutual aid and solidarity, we should be able to progress to freer societies. At least that's my current working model.

@jfa @bugs I can appreciate that framing.

I’m still suspicious (doubtful) that we can alter our relationships in a meaningful way without letting go of idealism and notions of progress. I also recognize that pessimism isn’t everyone’s cup of tea…

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