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Far too often the figure and thought of Max Stirner – notorious amoralist, parodic dialectician, unsuccessful milk cooperativist – are subjected to bitter dismissal or tired repetition. Here at last, in the brilliance of spectrologist-philosopher Fabián Ludueña, the ghostly afterlife of his work is illuminated. The philosophical lingerings Ludueña invites us to attend to are as tantalizing as they are surprising. The question ceases to be why Stirner has been forgotten, and instead becomes how and why he secretly influenced all of modern thought.

I have decided not to oppose anyone ever again, since I have noticed that I always end by resembling my latest enemy.

-Emil Cioran

Memory is not a collection of experiences and events tied to an existent past.

It is a fiction, a story we tell ourselves in order to comprehend the present and create a vision of a future in which life is still worth living.

Posting for all those with an interest in Deleuze and Guattari... Quiver is meeting on Monday 5/24 and for some reason decided to let me choose the readings. We’re covering two short works by Bataille and Riding so a definite detour from the norm.

Mythopoeisis: The perpetual process of creation and destruction through which the unique develops an ephemeral personal psycho-mythology

“ Waking into mythicity involves participatory dreaming, accepting that any single narrative is always an expression of the agendas that created it and not to be believed literally, but to be taken seriously as an archetypal force and imagined as fully as possible so antecedents, social dilemmas, and change opportunities are not lost track of in the attraction of its claims.”

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“As an idea and meaning-making strategy, culturopoiesis contributes to the transformation of contemporary society into an environment in which life may flourish because it involves waking from the dream of literalism into mythicity aware of its own dreaming, treats theological
ideas with respect but not simplistic belief, and so is not susceptible in the same way to domination by single myths become ideologies.”

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I almost always enjoy texts relating to theology. This one’s too good to keep to myself. Working on a short outline of a nihilist reading of the schreber case via D&G and Bataille and found this by happy accident.

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If anybody has any anarchist compatible parenting resources that specifically speak to raising kids on the autism spectrum I'd really appreciate them.
Also if folks have things their parents did that they hated lmk!

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Anyone else read much junger? He can be a bit dull in his conservatism and obviously not an anarchist, but there’s definitely some slings and arrows to be found in his work...

There is either opposition or oppression. Dystopia or utopia. Politics and the ideologies that maintain it seek out and destroy liminal spaces in order to reproduce conflict and ensure their own survival.

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The biggest issue I see with revolutionary politics is that both victory and defeat amount to an existential threat.

Call me a consumer, but I hate reading on a screen. And I don’t fucking care.

Nihilist parenting is reading Emil Cioran as nursery rhymes...

“ We define only out of despair, we must have a formula... to give a facade to the void.”

“Anarchism” is the recuperation of anarchy.

Fuck recuperation.

Feyerabend eats rationalism.

“Science is much closer to myth than a scientific philosophy is prepared to admit. It is one of the many forms of thought that have been developed by man, and not necessarily the best. It is conspicuous, noisy, and impudent, but it is inherently superior only for those who have already decided in favor of a certain ideology, or who have accepted it without ever having examined its advantages and its limits.”

The Chauvin trial is a thinly failed PR stunt (and most likely a successful one).

It’s no more than spectacle and strengthens claims of legitimacy and accountability in/of policing in the eyes of the american public.

Chauvin is a ritual sacrifice. His crime and punishment are only related by optics.

*posted elsewhere but trying to get in the habit of posting here.

@athousandgateaux that’s too funny. I’m a social media neophyte despite my relatively advanced age so never experienced tumblr

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