The tension between wanting folks to have the sense of safety and recognition (because that would be nice) they desire and being old enough to remember when looking like a punk in many places rendered one unemployable and a frequent target of physical violence.

“The authority of those who teach is very often a hindrance to those who wish to learn.”


“The discipline of our schools has always been a thing of which I disapproved. If they had erred on the side of indulgence, they might have erred less lamentably. But they are veritable gaols in which imprisoned youth loses all discipline by being punished before it has done anything wrong.”

Montaigne fucking with youth liberation circa 16th century

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what is the point of experts if you need to have an independent understanding of their discipline to know if they're full of shit or not because them having a credential doesn't tell you much

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If you identify yourself with an -ism, politic, or category of which you have no meaningful critique, we probably shouldn’t be friends

You can’t be frightened of little things in life or you can never do big things. Like if you’re scared of paper cuts or scissors you can’t make a cool shield like this. Or if your family is in danger from a volcano you can’t just call the police. It’ll be too late. You must act.

-My seven year old

Random, useless thoughts and questions on progress and population 

The typical progress narrative (and its critique) assumes the development of technique as leading to the amelioration of material human conditions resulting in population growth. This line of thinking (whether positive or pessimistic) rests on a subject/object relationship, a man/nature dichotomy, as well as a certain anthropocentric ecological morality and ethics. From a non-dual perspective, could technique be seen as a “natural” effect of an expanding population? A byproduct or feature of our species’ existence. Rather than a process of technological development driven by humans manipulating nature and moving towards an intelligent end, new techniques are mere contextual adaptations for survival as population grows and resource availability shifts. Is current global warming caused by our mastery of nature and materially different from previous mass extinction events or are we unwitting passengers along for the ride and giving ourselves too much credit? Is there a scenario where extinction isn’t the unavoidable outcome for any species, and what role does our conception of agency and awareness play, if any?

Marcus Aurelius on social media…

You want praise from people who kick themselves every fifteen minutes, the approval of people who despise themselves. (Is it a sign of self-respect to regret nearly everything you do?)

Disputes with men, pertinaciously obstinate in their principles, are, of all others, the most irksome, except, perhaps, those with persons, entirely disingenuous, who really do not believe the opinions they defend, but engage in the controversy, from affectation, from a spirit of opposition, or from a desire of showing wit and ingenuity, superior to
the rest of mankind.

-David Hume

When you punish a person for dreaming his dream don’t expect him to thank or forgive you. The best ever death metal band out of Denton will in time both outpace and outlive you. Hail Satan.

We need to interpret interpretations more than to interpret things.

-Michel de Montaigne

The critic's ultimate goal is to escape ail possible criticism, to be beyond criticism. He looks over everyone else's shoulder and persuades everyone that he has no shoulder. That he has no heart. He asks ail the questions so that none can be asked of him.

-Michel Serres

Scrolling through an endless sea of posts celebrating the all too predictable death of a 96 year old woman as some sort of victory strikes me as an unfortunate reminder of the deep psychological investment antiauthoritarians of all orientations place in their opponents.

Luckily the successor had already been appointed, and fuck all has changed, so there will be another victory to celebrate in a decade or two.

“In science only the collective we can know things. The individual I sometimes invents, but how the community of researchers is wary of it! In the same way that the church abhors mystics.”

-Michel Serres

fulling committing to my new social media identity as a M Serres quote bot

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“Neither debate nor criticism makes any advances, except on the social chessboard and in the conquest of power.”

-Michel Serres

“If anyone tells you that a certain person speaks ill of you, do not make excuses about what is said of you but answer, "He was ignorant of my other faults, else he would not have mentioned these alone.”


“New ideas come from the desert, from hermits, from solitary beings, from those who live in retreat and are not plunged into the sound and fury of repetitive discussion.”

Michel Serres

finally gave away my last copy of desert today. looks like ill be placing an lbc order soonish

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