unsolicited parenting advice: every day is another opportunity to remind your kids that they don’t owe you shit

Theory = language games. All forms of theory whether political, philosophical, social, scientific, etc are discursive constructs. Legitimation of any theory requires narrative, a story to make true the assumptions and structure of their discourse, to make real the starting point. The “story(ies)” one chooses to believe determine the “truth” of theory, not the other way around.

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For anyone who enjoys the hermitix podcast, there’s now a discord forum. Should serve up a healthy dose of weird philosophy talk along with the Christian esoteric shit James has been on about lately. Someone started a nihilism thread so there’s that…


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i feel the same way about "geopolitics" as i feel about celebrity gossip

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each of us resides within a world of our own conception. pessimism is a delusion rooted in attachment. a symptom of the disease of idealism. a self-inflicted ailment

science as cultural imperialism 

“This unequal relationship is an intrinsic effect of the rules specific to each game. We all know its symptoms. It is the entire history of cultural imperialism from the dawn of Western civilization. It is important to recognize its special tenor, which sets it apart from all other forms of imperialism: it is governed by the demand for legitimation.”
lyotard, 1979

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science as cultural imperialism 

“The scientist questions the validity of narrative statements and concludes that they are never subject to argumentation or proof. He classifies them as belonging to a different mentality: savage, primitive, underdeveloped, backward, alienated, composed of opinions, customs, authority, prejudice, ignorance, ideology.

Narratives are fables, myths, legends, fit only for women and children. At best, attempts are made to throw some rays of light into this obscurantism, to civilize, educate, develop.” lyotard, 1979

Lyotard predicting the fediverse in 1979:

“A self does not amount to much, but no self is an island; each exists in a fabric of relations that is now more complex and mobile than ever before.

Young or old, man or woman, rich or poor, a person is always located at "nodal points" of specific communication circuits, however tiny these may be.

Or better: one is always located at a post through which various kinds of messages pass.”

political engagement is self confinement. a foreclosure on near infinite possibilities in exchange for recognition by one’s master and the solidarity of fellow inmates

the delusion that anyone is born “deserving” of anything is the root of immeasurable suffering and a whole lot of shit politics

Can’t seem to avoid roe v wade at the moment. so much anarcho-rhetoric conflating rights with freedom and autonomy

Man has escaped from his head just as the condemned man has escaped from his prison. He has found beyond himself not God, who is the prohibition against crime, but a being who is unaware of prohibition. Beyond what I am, I meet a being who makes me laugh because he is headless; this fills me with dread because he is made of innocence and crime; he holds a steel weapon in his left hand, flames like those of a Sacred Heart in his right. He reunites in the same eruption Birth and Death. He is not a man. He is not a god either. He is not me but he is more than me: his stomach is the labyrinth in which he has lost himself, loses me with him, and in which I discover myself as him, in other words as a monster. -Bataille, the sacred conspiracy

post-left anarchists: fuck abstractions! You’re spooked! There’s bats in your belfry!

also post-left anarchists: individual autonomy! Follow your desire! I am the unique!

“So. in the next century there will be no more books.It takes too long to read. when success comes from gaining time. What will be called a book will be a printed object whose "message" (its information content) and name and title will first have been broadcast by the media. a film, a newspaper interview, a television program. and a cassette recording.”

From the preface to The Differend: Phrases in Dispute by Jean-Francois Lyotard

Doing farm chores while contemplating the level of hubris required to claim responsibility for and/or offer solutions to a mass extinction event

Critique that doesn’t cut the author as deeply as its target is merely projection.

should add that this isn’t to disparage christianity (or any other religion). I quite often find faith based arguments more compelling than materialist ones, regardless of my agreement or disagreement

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