those arent my "pre-transition" years, thats my hard butch era. 

just thinking back on the many times some flirty (presumably het) women would approach me thinking i was a man and id literally physically dodge their advances--and engage them w a flat affect cuz i dont understand flirting.

then more often than not those interactions would turn into us talking about how we handle ourselves around men or in social situations generally, then exchange tips or material resources & contact info lol

anything can be tea if u steep it long enuff

[white] people who lean heavy into "skeptic" subculture creep me out. like bro your conception of knowledge itself is colonial, maybe contend with that first before trying to "organize against pseudoscience" lmao

all these kids today with their FNAF and their PFAS and their microplastics

one time i submitted an english essay that was just like 6 pages of Lorem Ipsum autofill gibberish. Got an A 👍

(theres a story as to how I pulled that one off)

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running K-12 on Stealth Autist mode was like

Never Learn What They Want You To Learn (You Literally Can't. Not Able)

Do Learn:

☑️ How To Cheat (Without Getting Caught)
☑️ How To Manipulate Authority Figures

for simplicity im imagining this as being synchronous messaging. maybe itd be common to exchange your usual availability times at the same point when you did an IRL key/signature exchange

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okay how about a peer-to-peer encrypted pager that operates via packet radio on shortwave bands so ppl can (1) txt each other from hundreds of miles away using relatively little power (2) piss off hammies and the FCC

body injury stuff, food mention, gross comparison, maybe should leave in drafts lmao 

there is a surprising crossover of skill between

properly fermenting vegetables in a filthy living space

and keeping a wound from getting infected in a filthy living space

can anyone recommend me some non-aggro ways of telling someone to stop giving unsolicited body compliments?

for some reason, saying "fuck off, dont talk about me like that" comes easy to me but when its someone i want to be more gentle with i freeze up

i stick head in bucket, i shampoo, i bucket again, i feel so much better

one of the first warm evenings of the year, i step outside catch a whiff of the dry exhaust-filled air, unironically start to think to myself something like:

"mmm fresh dry smog"

but catch myself like:

"what the fuck am i saying?"

this moldslum is holding my lungs hostage

hope i can eventually be a musician again

my cat slams doors when theyre frustrated or bored. they grab onto cabinet door w their little fucking hand and just repeatedly slam. im very proud of them. is a server run by individuals who are friendly to a nihilistic worldview.