To break in this account, I'm gonna start off with some hot takes

all positive projects are coping mechanisms. there is no path from "here" to "there", so all truly anarchist positions are destructive.


"degrowth" is anti-civ for people who want to defund the police

things like antifa are popular on the left because it's easier to advocate physically attacking literal fascists than it is to interrogate the ways institutional and infrastructural racism continue to benefit you, despite the latter being far more impactful than chuds will ever be

any Revolution possible in this world, even an "anarchist" one, would suck

people who claim that good texts or ideas are better with obfuscated wording and jargon to force some level of investment to engage with them are just seeking ways to delude themselves into feeling smarter and/or cooler

just as liberalized democracies removed regicide as a viable option to destabilize the existing order, decentralized technologies are more robust and therefore by default more resistant to social change

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