My child is scary. They hold off pee for over 12 hours (including night sleep) to avoid using the toilet. I gave up, put them some diapers and immediately overflowed it.

Tips and tricks are welcome.

Does hot food cools down faster on hot climates or cold ones?

Work is giving us a "good bathroom habits" talk. I'm curious but fearful to know what the hell happened.

My sweet little girl bit the screen and now it barely functions.

Can't fix it until next month or so. If spares are still available for this 3 year old phone though. Plus I'm unsure if i better change it or use a feature phone and replace all smart features with a tablet.

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Your phone number is not just a phone number. It's a code which is used to identify you.

That's why we created the Session ID — a new solution for anonymous, private communication.

Here's how it works:

I love the new diaper brand i bought. The kids hate it and prefer to be in underwear.

When you can't exercise because mosquitos

Blocking Reddit doesn't solve my phone addiction.

Damn Netflix, killed the hype. One year for season 2? Horrendous.

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So I've updated my spotfund with details about commissions and a potential job (which will hopefully make the spotfund not necessary, but we will see)
Again, fiverr commissions also really help and you get some cool art too! I'm trying to get at least $100 before withdrawing just in case there are fees for every withdraw
#art #digitalArt #digitalPainting #digitalDrawing #commissions @commissions

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The company I'm working for has hit some hard financial challenges, so it looks like I'm hunting for a gig again.


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Are you optimistic about the future of your country?

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