I fell $hort this month. Too much debt and expenses lol.

I call this abandonment anxiety. My children damaged the one of the internet thingies power supply to get me out of my (almost) monthly me time. I didn't get to finish Ex Machina which i had plan to watch with friends.

Sadly for them, their plan didn't work out as i burned out from stress and pressure instead of playing with them.

Well, the rat won. It got in to the washing room, All my traps and walls are untouched, and there's nothing that shows from where it got in.

I have very little emotional energy and need to be alone to recharge.

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Too many people around me all the time, at work and home. I need a moment to be alone with my thoughts.

I love hoodies as much as anyone. But being from a quite hot place, it bothers me whenever i see one without a zipper. I don't want to be cold but i don't want to overheat either.

Flame wars 

@catra_bot banned me for my believe that She-Ra x Catra sucks. She-Ra can do so much better.

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Red anarchists have a faith in technology that is deeper and more unreflected upon than the most radical religious fundamentalist. It's why they're utterly incapable of engaging anti-civ thought.

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Timeline of Jane's Revenge attacks

Jane's Revenge is an American terrorist organization that has carried out attacks in support of abortion rights, beginning in May, 2022.

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I'm being outsmarted by a rat. It learned how to enter the washing area without breaking all the protections I built.

I believe it's climbing over or under something, but can't figure out where.

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