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Introducing myself to :abunhdhappy:

I go by Rabbit (they/he). I'm a queer, punk, occult anarchist. I make software & games, write essays & prop, make art and get really loudly incensed about the panopticon. US-based, en/fr.

Currently working on a game about turning into a werewolf and eating terfs in a ritual to awaken the old gods ✌️

I wanted to try a smaller instance that feels a little more personal, so please feel free to hit me up! :blob_raccoon_peek:


Leftists and liberals in the US are guilty not only of discarding “flyover states,” but of not even understanding that they’re doing it while bragging about inclusivity. I love the idea of robust public transit, but if you think the people in, like, North Dakota don’t know that they’re going to get connected last if ever, I don’t know what to tell you.

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People who are like “everyone who drives a car is guilty of killing the planet and should be punished” are unhinged, like, imagine living in a city your whole life. Imagine living somewhere where driving is a choice you make

Not only are IQ tests racist, but the question of whether or not IQ tests are valid obscures a deeper question, which is why excessive, abstract intelligence is perceived as a universal good.


New York is criminalizing the purchase of bulletproof vests except for cops. Super cool and reasonable!

does anyone have a tidy “just one link” source on the DSA

the only NFT I wanna hear about is Nap Fuckin Time

all this shit is happening constantly and I'm literally supposed to go to work and write my little computer codes. why even bother


Here's some more about the Abolition of Abortion in Louisiana Act (yes, it's Fox, but it's local, reads impartially, and is the most comprehensive one I could find):

"The bill does not outline exceptions for rape, incest or ectopic pregnancies that are life-threatening for women. Pierce [executive director of the Foundation to Abolish Abortion] said it doesn’t need to."

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Louisiana has introduced House Bill 813, the "Abolition of Abortion in Louisiana Act," which makes not only abortion illegal but forms of birth control like Plan B, IUDs, and hormonal birth control.

It is scheduled for debate on May 12.

the reason why I have more emotions now isn't because of HRT, it's because the Unicode Consortium keeps adding new ones

YOU: sell cute queer &/or jewish stuff on etsy

ALSO YOU: want to pivot away from predatory platforms

YOU, ONCE AGAIN: email us :)

- you set a suggested and a minimum price
- we promo & sell your stuff
- we take 20% commission = more free food


Uspol, passports, PSA because I love ya 

Now is the time.

Please get a passport.

You need:
The Passport application form
Evidence of US citizenship (such as a birth certificate)
ID (such as a driver's license)
A qualifying photo (drugstores do them)

The cost (only checks and money orders):
~ Passport renewal: $130
~ First Passport: $130 + $35 execution fee
(optional) Expedited service: $60
(optional) 1-2 Day Delivery: $18.32

If you need to change your name, gender marker, or replace a lost passport, there's a few extra forms, that you can download online.

You have to apply in person if this is your first US passport, or if your last one was issued more than 15 years ago.

You can renew your passport online, if you already have one, less than 15 years old:

Here's the Passport application form:

If you're pressed for money, it can be worth getting a Passport Card asap, and then applying for an additional Passport Book later.

The cards are accepted for travel by land or sea to Canada, Mexico, Bermuda or the Caribbean. They are much cheaper, only $30 plus the $35 execution fee (though you can't get the 1-2 Day Delivery option). These will NOT be accepted for international air travel.

If you are a trans person with a complicated identity document situation, National Center for Transgender Equality has a resource by state to help look for requirements.

Passport turnaround times are better than the mid-pandemic delays, but they are still longer than they should be. Which means applying NOW will get the thing to your mailbox probably by summer 2022.

Good luck.

tip for bypassing the new york times's paywall 

if you need to read a new york times article, try pasting the URL into

It might take a while if they haven't saved a snapshot already, but it does work. It probably works on other paywalls as well, but I haven't tried much because NYT is the one I encounter most frequently

( works too, but doesn't seem to load the images)

Hey friends! As a reminder, crisis pregnancy centers (which frame themselves as offering abortion then work to push visitors toward anti-choice outcomes) will likely see a lot of traffic and “good press” as anti-abortion action proceeds. These centers often traumatize and outright lie to visitors about their options, e.g. by intentionally misleading you to delay abortion until it is illegal.

In case you were curious, there are resources to find these businesses in your area.

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