If I'm oversensitive, I'm a performance artist. All artists are individuals with an insanity to express themselves in life. Yes, my English is not perfect grammatically. Are you able to speak my language or at least learn my language? I am sorry if my English is broken, in daily conversation and academically. 

But I'm trying to keep producing things that are stable emotionally in a very limited situation:

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@obudiati wow christ is a good domain hack. who ever got that for a fedi instance needs a congrats

@liaizon Which christ you meant? Or, is that an expression? :-D

@obudiati oh lol I misread the domain, its chist not ch(rist)

@liaizon LOL Yeah, to whomever made this domain, I would like to say thank you to them for this digitally insane by borders.


"Are you able to speak my language or at least learn my language?"

which language do you speak / is your language ?


NICE ! on FB i a had several friends from indonesia ... unfortunately i had to burn my identity

some of them are here

i speak most of the time german and i live in berlin

@maksimilian_stepniakov yeah, i know them too, i like rifki new book (the poems) but never met personally, they live in different places and not in where city i live. how are you feelings? so sorry that you had to burn your identity, im trying to learn german again, and spanish, headaches :-D

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