"For me, although I do appreciate the work that Ruth Kinna and Elon Musk have done, I prefer sticking to my own ideas for what an ideal anarchist society would look like and how it would work. And ultimately I think that this is how it will play out for everyone, each person will have their own ideas for what the ideal world would look like, and it is up to us all to find ways to work together to begin moving towards these ideals. My hope is that what I have written here has stirred up some thought to that end." -[Ian Mayes]

There will be a reading discussion on nihilist group study next week!

I'm insulting my life as an error curse. I will never have any power to liberate myself anymore. Since all our intimacy shakes your trust, see my heart from afar where I am alive with the poetry of sadness in tears. Let me go as the dust beautifully.... I am a black bile who always loves you without full sun shine and sparkling stars anymore.


We say aloud that our biggest enemy is technology. How often do we see that our self-body is the basis of learning? How do we see that, basically, our body is the technology itself? These questions are the most important to me personally, to be explored, while most people prefer to believe and hate reality, then see things as concrete borders unconsciously. We tend to agree with what we like and reject what we don’t like, and these thoughts directly turn into actions for others. It is the unblocking of our minds from personal setbacks as our solution to failure to complete its practical strategies in daily life as a belief. Again, a dogma and rejecting the reality of the body that works based on experiences.


A painful childhood has only two effects: hating old men and never wanting children for guilt feelings; and so hurting women who have children unconsciously for his desires to be fulfilled (misogyny).

May all children grow up in peace at heart on Earth.

"hieroglyphics danced in my brain from time to time"

I am strong, as most people think of me, but the truth is, I am also very fragile and very far from perfect. I love life and love all species. In a short story of my life, I loved him totally, heart and soul, and he left for my imperfection. Not yet physical touch, but judgment and prejudice for my imperfections, I accepted. But I still love them deeply. Is there a cure for the feelings? Not even the best doctors and religions are powerless to help. Faced it! Barely-darkness...

Jakarta, 07 June 2022

"What is lacking in our time is precisely what The Philosophy of Freedom seeks to achieve. On a basis of freedom of thought, The Philosophy of Freedom establishes a science of freedom which is fully in accord with natural science, yet reaches beyond it. This book makes it possible for really independent thinkers to be able to develop within the present social order.” -[Rudolf Steiner]


"Naive realism destroys freedom by subjecting man to the authority of a perceptible being or of one conceived on the analogy of a perceptible being, or eventually to the authority of the abstract inner voice which it interprets as 'conscience'; the metaphysician, who merely infers the extra-human reality, cannot acknowledge freedom because he sees man as being determined, mechanically or morally, by a 'Being-in-itself'." -[Rudolf Steiner]


"When a human being has advanced to the point of emancipation from what is typical, and we still want to explain everything about that person in terms of type, then we have no sense for what is individual." -[Rudolf Steiner]

To the honour of divinity
To the honour of divinity
I will stay in disbelief.
A heart with its own seeds?
I am incapable of your qualifications.
I am a completely bizarre free spirit already.
Many lists of words act as killing machines.
There are no breakthrough ideas in temples.
But there is a non-existing yet barbaric
Adulthood is strange territory.
At the mercy of pity measures
Do you consider me wretched?
You wish I could be your lover.
Your pleasure is to kill my feelings of life.
No one condemned the unusual in the past.
By the road, a maintenance man in the garbage
As much as your desire to have me as your slave.
Authorities practically sell scenes to their stupid fate.
He gave the order for impunity in the name of love.


There's nothing to read here. I'm just the pieces of debris.

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Liberty Vol. III. No. 18 

"Liberty Vol. III. No. 18.: Not the Daughter but the Mother of Order" | Benjamin Tucker & Various Authors | 1885 | read here:


It is an intriguing and sketchy character in the relationship between beings as objects and coming to be influenced by others, but all are forced into circumstances. What is so important about integrity? In constant circumstances, which are profoundly less important, the hardest sorrow comes. This is highly tragic because there are no more languages as ideas or artifacts to construct as a supreme reality in the sense of melancholia. For other reasons, the imagination is represented in many fragments of two parts at the same time in another archetype version of loss. What survives extremely well before the sun comes as a new illusion? A day of dying spirit.

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