are there any android ide's that wont make me want to do evil things in a fit of rage

i did it, i downloaded grapheneOS. now i am going to throw my computer into the river and never touch a command line again. i can be free!!

what's the cheapest laptop i could get/'acquire' with dedicated graphics. my computer is actively dying, and i am going to need to be able to travel light as my housing situation gets less stable. honestly it doesn't *need* dedicated graphics, i just know a bit about gpu programming, and i feel like it would be a shame to give that up
everything is marketed for 'gamers' which means +20% for a strip of LEDs
i hate that some of the only sh-- i can do for money is tied to computers, if i could develop things more easily on a phone, i would probably ditch the computer altogether. i hate technology (not in an anprim way, anprims are ableist kinda)

i am programming, please pray for me as i'm working through this difficult time in my life u_u /j

help, i'm learning how to play the spoons and looking at 'acquiring' a harmonica, i'm becoming a full bluegrass band to put off the eventuality of needing to write music askljdfhg

another new mastadon account (because i'm hot,) so i should show off my little tattoos and hand doodles is a server run by individuals who are friendly to a nihilistic worldview.