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Child Loss Mentioned 

It was the second anniversary of the abduction of my son, "Malus Pesto" (Terran-Sage Revolution) on September 1.

He was disappeared by a family member who exhibited psychotic behaviour after dropping the largest non-nuclear weapon in the history of the United States.

When I called 911, I was informed by the piggy wig wig that "We know what the law is, we just aren't going to enforce it!"

The body was never found. The perp is still working as a recruiter for the United States Army.

I am no longer a hardworking single homeschooling mother. I do not like my new life as a "homeless", "toothless", "mental health", or whatever dismissive term is used to explain this away and make it seem okay.

Like most people in the US, I thought this shit only happened to other people in other countries.

Rest in pieces, son. You are forgotten by everyone who isn't me.

1/ Something I love about unschooling framework is that it tells us something about the nature of humans that blows the capitalist notion that people are motivated purely by wealth and personal gain out of water. People are naturally curious and creative, we want to understand and innovate and create to make our lives simpler. Creating a functional complex society without capitalism and without a state to coerce us into working and participating is absolutely within the realm of reality.

if you work in advertising I wish you a very quit your job

tmi, proud grandmother with a camera 

So my landlord illegally locked me out of my home of eighteen years on April 13 of this year. Three months later, my paralegal got me back in but my back yard garden was a complete loss.

Today I noticed my grand-swiss chard, reaching up through the cracks in the pavement just like you.

Her name is Phoenix.

Today the Free Software Foundation was founded October 4 1985, which was a Friday. Happy birthday @fsf and thank you for your never-ending commitment to software freedom! Free software is vital for humanity. Everyone, please join me in celebrating 36 years of spreading and advocating free software. The free software movement never sleeps, never quits, and cannot be stopped. As long as one computer on this Earth is running free code, we will be here. Let's make software free forever! #fsf #gnu

Why. Would. You. Use. Social media. That is ACTIVELY hostile to users in general, let alone anarchist ones. The bird site dopamine is not worth it. You're better than this.

if you're not compassionate then what are you doing with your life

Software freedom is is a right that nonfree software developers have been continually been taking away from users. Sadly most of the software-using public has no knowledge of this impact on their rights. Let's change this.

tmi, cars mentioned 

I bought a house!!!!!!!!! It needs new tires and stuff, but when the mechanic is all done, I get to have my very own shit bucket. :D

make love in the forest, to the forest, with the forest

trigger warning: body dysphoria rant 

So gender is fluid, there's nothing wrong with questioning, and "asexual" is a valid sexual preference even though "ace" is sometimes a derogatory term. The trans community just doesn't want to be slut shamed. I get that much and have been given my "good Boomer" pat on the head and lollipop for not being an asshole.

But I wish I could deal with the hatred I am feeling for the great big huge gaping hole between my legs. It's nothing to me but a source of infection and post-meno, we're talking systemic candida, not just cottage cheese underpants. This thing eats more monistat that my real mouth eats food.

Vaginas are disgusting and serve no purpose other than creating life. I haven't hated mine this much since before I had kids.

I think this is fucking normal and it really sucks. :(

Today is Software Freedom Day. It's a day to celebrate the ideals of software freedom, as well as raising awareness about various problems that exist in this area.


So I am not able to get my Pinephone to boot from SD card yet, but that's probably just a brain not working right issue on my part.

There are a lot of distros to beta test and much work to do and love. I think I could even get rid of systemd if I could access that part of my brain right now.

I highly recommend giving it a try if you can afford $150-$200 and the drama of China Post for a functional gnu/Linux smartphone.

Pine64 also has tablets, Chromebook-style laptops, and a lively community of diy hackers.

It looks like a great resource and an exciting direction for young folks to go if you're ready to ditch google/apple.

Hope to see all y'all around the pine64-o-sphere.

Best of luck with this "life" shit and ttyl.

tmi symptoms mentioned child loss mentioned 

I long for oblivion but do not need services for that.

Being imprisoned in a body has nothing to do with "oh, but you have so much to offer the world!" Or "Suicide is the coward's way out!" but yea, I'm good. No worries, just venting.

Because it's got nothing to do with people loving or valuing anything about you. In the long run, it comes down to littering and "don't be an asshole".

The way I see it is that owning a body is like carrying a bag of dog poop. You just don't throw dead bodies and bags of dog poop in people's back yards because that is disgusting.

We cannot have a world with free public body trashcans because people would abuse that privilege.

So I'm fucked.


Trying to resist the urge to make a bunch of tmi posts that will come back to bite me in the ass.

Suffice it to say that I am scared out of my wits and wish I had a friend.

But I don't.

i don’t know about the “hated/betrayed” part but this meme is good

This is what happened to me. I was locked out of my home of 18 years on no notice when I asked the landlord to fix the hot water heater.

That was last April and I am STILL trying not to become a superspreader.

We lost a fully vaccinated community member not too long ago and have been asked to refrain from gathering this holiday weekend in the hope that we can keep our schools open.

Our kids aren't doing so good.

One more one more thing: quick reminder that I like, respect, and learn from all of you.

Sometimes I'm just being a dick because I have trouble saying "I'm not social right now".

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