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Today I leave the key under the matt and drive away from my home of 19 years, where I raised three children and gave birth solo unassisted to my youngest.

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Child Loss Mentioned 

It was the second anniversary of the abduction of my son, "Malus Pesto" (Terran-Sage Revolution) on September 1.

He was disappeared by a family member who exhibited psychotic behaviour after dropping the largest non-nuclear weapon in the history of the United States.

When I called 911, I was informed by the piggy wig wig that "We know what the law is, we just aren't going to enforce it!"

The body was never found. The perp is still working as a recruiter for the United States Army.

I am no longer a hardworking single homeschooling mother. I do not like my new life as a "homeless", "toothless", "mental health", or whatever dismissive term is used to explain this away and make it seem okay.

Like most people in the US, I thought this shit only happened to other people in other countries.

Rest in pieces, son. You are forgotten by everyone who isn't me.

I wonder sometimes if the far right has really thought all the way through “we will strip them of all their rights.” Because a human with no rights has nothing left to lose - and when you can see that coming, you get to “I fear no god nor man” a lot faster than expected.

Looking for illegal scan of Nicola Tesla book last spotted in '80s at an auction for $70,000 so I can get busy building a time machine so I can go get my (dead) kid (before he gets dead); anyone got any ideas where to start?

Terran-Sage Revolution Bricklin
Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven (lyrics) - Invidious

Bigotry mentioned 

So I want to promote this book I am reading because the author is fucking nuts. It's small press and not on Z-library yet, although I make no promises about not putting it there the minute I finish this post.

The problem is that the author is not a friend of mine. He should be. I literally treat my own shit better than I treat this author: I have literally never sprinkled lemon-scented dessicant over James B. Strix to prevent him from spreading horrific infectious diseases.

I wouldn't let him be my friend because he is an "alpha male" and "alpha male"s are scary so run run! Alpha male! Scary scary!

either be subsumed within someone elses grand narrative that parasitically lives its life by stealing yours or become an active creator of worlds of your own making. the choice is yours

i don’t wish for much in life but i what do wish for is the total destruction of capitalism

TMI, dumb shit mentioned 

So my horrorscope today says "a joint venture will pay off". What the fucking fuck? I'm supposed to sell weed? But nobody is buying that shit and the pigs successfully moved me along after making sure I understood that I had worn out my welcome!

Fuck this stupid fortune teller toy. It doesn't even fucking work.

No, I don't want my money back because money doesn't even fucking work either.

After awhile, it's all the same damned road and you realize it doesn't matter which one you choose because the only place it ever goes is the same damned town that doesn't want your kind around there.

Beloved community,

I came here to post some TMI shit and found more interesting things to read and think about than my own failed existence.

I have mental blocks against reading Wittgenstein and Heidegger because of, who I would love to dox, and needed to be spoonfed a gem today.

I'm on a fucking Android smartphone. I hate my life and wish I could throw it away.

Thank you for not throwing me under their bus when bad shit happened, beloved community.

Look, I'm not the kind of jerk who makes a habit of this sort of thing or anything, but I was looking for a meme on Raddle for a friend of mine and I bumbled across old friends saying nice things about me.

It was creepy in a Tom Sawyer attending his own funeral way at first, but then I wiped a tear away and said, "It's my kids."


I cried a lot of tears and disrupted a lot of discussions when Malus Pesto was abducted. Yes, I am finally in therapy, but you could have remembered me in many different ways.

But, as I read about myself, I realized that I liked this person in this history book that was written by my kids. Not the kids who grew in my uterus, but the kids who grew from knowing me, who listened to what I said, who passed along my legacy to their own kids.

"Look," I told this old white chick I've known positively forever, "It's my kids."


people in 1864: “yeah, i know slavery is bad but i couldn’t ever give up the convenience and luxury of it.”

people in 2022 who eat chocolate: “yeah, i know slavery is bad but i couldn’t ever give up the convenience and luxury of it.”

supply chain problems are all fun and games until you can't order your green tea

TMI, #vanlife 

Because of the imperfections of the speech-to-text engine, I actually received an "Anomie alert" when I got back within range of cell service; took me awhile to figure out what THAT was about....

Left Humboldt County for the first time in 19 years. No, you don't understand how that feels so don't placate me with platitudes. Didn't notice the Tsunami because I wasn't looking for a gentle ocean.

Found something familiar and primordial that existed before me and will exist after me. Last 35 years don't matter.

They didn't change who I am.

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