@deserter does Spell of the Sensuous count? book blew my hair back

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@mazz *income is noticed by app you used to leverage your shipping container pod home for cash to pay for water tokens, leaves your bank account immediately*

prediction, doomy 

@mazz truly getting into the most distant speculation here, but my feeling is that, more than anyone in the whole world, Americans are willing to put up with the worst bullshit and most willing to be told what to do in the name of business-as-usual

the U.S. is the oldest continuous government in existence at this point, so I don't think anyone can psychically accept a change of regime, and most would rather suffer than let the edifice crumble

that being said, it does sort of feel like what's next, doesn't it?

prediction, doomy 

1. so by all accounts we're headed for the biggest economic crash in our lifetimes and maybe in all of modernity (barring an economic "paradigm shift" which I don't think is what's happening, even though I can't see even a fraction of the goings on in the world), so far so good, we don't mind that at all

2. with neoliberalism/austerity as the only thinkable framework, i.e., handing out money is not on the cards; I think the only way the US digs itself out of this is a wartime control economy

3. how such a war would be manufactured is a mystery to me, since hot wars are all but impossible now (and the apocalyptic fervor of the 00's has subsided), and the US already spends so much fake money on manufacturing weapons

4. the optimistic alternative is just massive crumbles, which might just happen as there's not really political will to do fuck all, but I think the empire probly has more death throes in it

I should mention I refuse to write/compile/look at any variant of C

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hey nerds: does anyone know if it's possible to connect to North American GSM/4G networks from, e.g., a ? Would love to know what a minimal setup would look like / I kind of assume this is impossible. Just so tired of smartphones

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@mazz I use licorice for this & love it, curious if there are more local (northeast turtle Island) options

@ombres my favorite American education experience re:geography was the world map that centered north America, & to do so had to cut Eurasia in two, somewhere in Russia & western China I believe??

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