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post-left anarchists: fuck abstractions! You’re spooked! There’s bats in your belfry!

also post-left anarchists: individual autonomy! Follow your desire! I am the unique!





This post will be obsolete in two weeks after I quit my jobs

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me: what do I want to do today?
brain: :blobcatgooglyshrug:🕳🤸‍♂️🍃🤔😴💤
me: maybe I'll work today
brain: 1,000,000 Interesting And Fun Activities To Do Right This Minute

musing on plagues, shortages 

Is it a coincidence that across "Canada" this year, varroa mites are killing entire yards of commercial bee hives, & avian flu is decimating poultry populations? Has a stressed (or happy?) economy pushed its livestock to their own extremes of stress? Civilization breeds plagues, & civ feels like it's running hot right now.

I'm reminded of Chuang's essay in 2020—before escaped pathogens from gain-of-function research in Wuhan appeared as a plausible alternative—describing SARS-COV-2 as the result of wild creatures struggling along narrower and narrower margins of industrial agriculture, & the resultant conditions of pathogen evolution. Those conditions hold true, intensified if anything by the reorganization of capital in the last two years.

Feels as though we're potentially looking at recombinant shortages, deepened by extractive logic/reactivity.

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Big trash week! Incredibly successful day being trash pandas with @nausikaa.
9 tempered windows including a beautiful 4'x4' with blue wood frame.
A moveable house can only have tempered windows so they don't break. Windows are one of the most expensive parts of building if you buy them new, so finding a few in the trash is 💯
Other scores: outdoor patio table and chairs for the wood squat, working long arm stapler, propane on demand hot water heater (unknown if working).

current sleepiness levels are 57%

(57%) ■■■■■□□□□□

does emerging food protectionism / food nationalism up the chances of someone getting grants to plant fruit trees? asking for a friend

This spring/summer/fall I'll be building an off grid tiny house on wheels to live in. I'm going to use this account to document the build and thoughts about relationship to land, subsistence, etc. Feel free to boost if you think your followers would be into this!
This is my first ever toot and def don't know how to use this platform properly but I'm learning...

warposting, canpol, I think there's a fashy avatar 

best take so far on current events hands down /s

no thoughts, only


"For me, anarchism as a first principle is a project of imagination. It's not a project of a mass movement, it's not a project of a revolution, it's the idea of giving yourself permission to think wildly, and then do wildly." -Aragorn!

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