You're in a control room in The Station of the Populists.
Everything has a cream tint to it and soft blobs of viridian slime are scattered about.

okay you clock-worshipping freaks who strap a timepiece to your literal flesh as you scurry about on God's earth, I'm trying to have my phone around less (even as I move to flip phone life) and don't experience linear time in the way I'm expected in order to get to social engagements—what disgusting little device should I acquire? I think you all have that little square one

went on a canoe trip and realized how good it is to not look at screen, just so good for my desire to do things in the world & for my attention, so I'm deleting Tusky for a while~~ thanks for all the tidbits and memes, see you down the road

You're in Space of Tamale.
Reality here wobbles slightly and everything has a fuchsia tint to it.

Brian Burkhart’s themes of
indigenous philosophizing:

- working with and telling stories
- basic human creativity is on a continuum with cosmic creativity
- relationships are ontologically primary
- opening up a space for readers/listeners to find meaning but does not make or declare meaning for them
- “an attitude of profound respect for individuality and right to self-realization of all living creatures” (from Jack Forbes)
- action, process, and transformation shape the layers of meaning in any given word
- meaning and understanding (which are relational and dynamic) rather than truth or proof (which is static and delocalized)
- understanding is circular, both a momentary and a never-ending movement of the circle itself
- purposefully transforms ideas into those that can best be understood and most easily related to by the hearer

from Indigenizing Philosophy through the Land

grainposting, bad opinion, might delete later 

3:1 porridgey millet > 2:1 crunchy millet

love watching my friends learn and grow (watching their signal display names change)

why are there so many threads where pleroma users reply that I can only see half of? I think its interpretation of "followers only" or something is strange

Why, liberty of the press is only permission of the press, and the state never will or can voluntarily permit me to grind it to nothingness by the press.
-- Max Stirner

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You should have finished
all of the work you'll do on

post-left anarchists: fuck abstractions! You’re spooked! There’s bats in your belfry!

also post-left anarchists: individual autonomy! Follow your desire! I am the unique!





This post will be obsolete in two weeks after I quit my jobs

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me: what do I want to do today?
brain: :blobcatgooglyshrug:🕳🤸‍♂️🍃🤔😴💤
me: maybe I'll work today
brain: 1,000,000 Interesting And Fun Activities To Do Right This Minute

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