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stalking the earth website 

Hi yall, this is my website and blog that I've maintained over the years. It's called:

stalking the earth

Stuff on there goes back to at least 2004, but most of it has been newer content over the years. An update and some notes are more than overdue, but for now you can read the most recent post from this past February. It's about the 50+ page zine of texts I wrote, collected from the website and turned into a PDF and imposed PDF. The texts included are mostly Anarchist News podcast editorials, The Anvil Review essays, Stalking the Earth originals, and some other miscellaneous stuff.
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Reading group today folks!

We'll be talking about the first 2 chapters of "Nietzsche and Anarchy" at 7:00 PM Central Time.

Join us on matrix!

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Absolutely loving the migration to mastodon rn. I’ve been paying attention to people who are joining and boosting so keep your eyes peeled!

Also don’t be afraid to invite folks to this instance, if you have an account you actually can invite people -> and they won’t have to go through the approval process.

This is also an encouragement to those people who just joined on to consider migrating away from that instance in order to promote a healthy federation (and also to hang with cooler people :blobcatfingerguns:). Moving instances is pretty painless so either request join the instance (let me know who you are in the “why you want to join field”) or dm me and I can help walk you through it.

Boosts +++

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Oh yeah fuck, guess I'll try and coordinate this thing.

Let's do that Nietzsche and Anarchy reading group! I think chapter 1 and 2 would probably be just enough. I made a matrix room hopefully that's an alright platform for people. The address is "" I'll put a clickable link at the end as well.

Then we can chat about it some time this weekend? I'm just going to sayyy Sunday at 7 Central Time? I pulled this outta my ass so maybe suggest something else if that doesn't work.!mXVDqWofoTahBMRdV

me before: time to check out this 100 gecs album people have been talking about. good way to start the day with something new :blobcatcoffee:

me after: *pours half a can of leftover beer from the night before into cereal and joyfully dropkicks computer out window*

Woah nice to see so many more people on here \o/

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May jouissance be the blessed flame that guides us into the void.

Chamomile season is ending. Most of what I find now is very dry and much less flavourful than before. I'll miss it but I'm looking forward to the many seasons that follow :blob_raccoon_heart:

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There are many days this summer where it's too damn hot to stay inside.

I feel like this might've been mentioned here before but I love the cover of the unique and its property :blobaww:

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We got:
- 10 copies of black seed issue 8
- radical mycology
- Anarchy works
- semi automatic poems
- a full and fighting heart
- last act of the circus animals
- nihilist communism
- enemies of society
- baeden vol 2
- corrosive consciousness
- the unique and its property
- Nietzsche and anarchy
- novatore
- assault of the impossible
- bolo'bolo

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LBC order came in!

Went in with two other friends on a lot of books :D

Also excited to check out issue 8 of black seed :blacker_heart:

Last boost: haven't checked it out yet but it sounds interesting:

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definitions of technology (egoist) 

I like this definition of technology because it allows for a blurring between the exploited and the expert.

Subversive technologies like encryption or anonymity tools are still undesirable (as is surveillance tech) because the expertise required for their development and use denies many participation.

Anything that impedes "the creation of ourselves as free individuals capable of determining how we will live" is technology here, and should be destroyed.

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definitions of technology (egoist) 

Wolfi pushes back against traditional Marxist definitions of technology and class struggle here by pointing out that more recent technologies (like automation) are designed to free themselves from a dependency on labour. This results in a new class-like relationship between those with specialized knowledge of technology and those who are excluded from participation in, and self-determination of, their use.

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