@bugs respect to me is different and special to each individual. When I respect someone I am acknowledging their complexity and uniqueness in this world. Politeness is a blanket way of interacting that doesn't depend so much on the person as it does on cultural norms. You can be polite to a total stranger and to two best friends all in the exact same way. But you don't respect even your two friends the same way at all.

@bugs @caspar I'm just playing around lol but lmk if you want something like this (the composition got a little messy)

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Now that the reading group has completed Nietzsche and Anarchy, we will be moving on to
On the Genealogy of Morality
after a weeks break.

We'll reconvene on October 24th at 6pm central time to discuss the preface of the book, including the introduction, timeline and whatever else.

I'll drop a reminder with a link to the jitsi on the day of. Hope to see you then :)

P.S if you prefer a physical copy you should look for the Cambridge version of it.


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It's our final reading group session for Nietzsche and Anarchy OMG!

We will be discussion chapters 15, the appendix, and more!


Just finished a reading of "The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction" by Ursula K Le Guin!

Now to recover my throat by drinking lots of tea lol :blob_raccoon_coffee:

Going on walks/bikes to:
- enjoy the fall and fresh air
- find alleyways, narrow paths, and culverts for convenient escapes
- explore weird looking areas on open street maps to find mystical semi-private gardens
- find abandoned warehouse ruins full of playful art

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Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeading grouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!

At 7pm central we will be meeting to discuss chapters 13 & 14 of Nietzsche and Anarchy! See you there?


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long, writing 

We’ve found ourselves in a rotting, collapsing carnival. And how? Some say we’ve always been here, others say they wandered towards the brightest light from the darkness outside the fence. Almost all pretend it’s still alluring. Fun.

A particular group have become obsessed with the high striker. They theorize, and scheme, and train in hopes that they can hit the bell. Nobody ever has. The game is rigged. But even if it weren’t the bell would not ring. It’s so rusted that each time they swing the mallet the bell disintegrates slightly, currently resembling a spider web it likely won’t last much longer. I wonder if the players will notice.

There are others who buzz around, watching the grid of incandescent bulbs blink and blink and blink but still act surprised by the pattern. They talk about the weight of the life-sized cardboard cut-outs of people with faces that someone once recognized, but we see them rock in the breeze.

We too sit facing the façade. But we’ve grown sick of the games, the empty calories of cotton candy and popcorn, and bored with the thrills but we remain planted here, watching. Are we different than those who buzz around? If we were we would likely wander off into the darkness.

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Oh what the, I must have forgot to post that for next week we will be reading chapter 13 & 14 of Nietzsche and Anarchy!

Nearing the end of the book now but if anyone wants to drop in you’re still welcome :)

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"El Único" -- an individualist anarchist publication, Colón, Panamá, 1911 (de todos y de nadie)


"Among the workers who arrived from Europe in the early twentieth century there were, curiously enough, a number of Stirner individualists influenced by Nietzsche’s philosophy who saw in syndicalism a potential enemy of their anarchist ideology. They formed several affinity groups that, according to Nettlau, numbered twenty in 1912."

gotta work on my spanish,,,

@bugs yeah, I'm trying to spend more time away from external stimuli and screens. Going for walks and chilling in outdoor public spaces. Getting more comfortable doing "nothing" but being open to interactions with the living world around me.

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It's reading group day again :)

At 7pm central we will be talking about chapters 10,11,12.

See you then!


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