Is there a word for insurmountable, unknowable horrors of civilisation? I'm thinking of the feeling you get when you bike to the outskirts of town and the wind is blowing just right so it carries the putrid smell of chemicals and un-decay from the regional dump right to you. The kind where all you can see are green, rolling hills full of goldenrod but you realize under all of this lies waste that will be around for longer than you can comprehend, long after any life forms we recognise have ceased to inhabit this earth.

@zddy sort of, I was thinking of a word like that but specifically for horrors that human civilisation produces that are also unfathomable and will continue for aeons.

I think lovecraftian horrors are otherworldly or from before humans. And I'm also just not a big fan of Lovecraft.

@mycelia @zddy leviathanic? theres probably some descriptors common in cyberpunk distopia fiction, but Im not immersed enough in that world to know.

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