LBC order came in!

Went in with two other friends on a lot of books :D

Also excited to check out issue 8 of black seed :blacker_heart:

We got:
- 10 copies of black seed issue 8
- radical mycology
- Anarchy works
- semi automatic poems
- a full and fighting heart
- last act of the circus animals
- nihilist communism
- enemies of society
- baeden vol 2
- corrosive consciousness
- the unique and its property
- Nietzsche and anarchy
- novatore
- assault of the impossible
- bolo'bolo

I feel like this might've been mentioned here before but I love the cover of the unique and its property :blobaww:

@mycelia woah.. nice collection! speaking of radical mycology, I recently listed to a podcast interview of peter mccoy who has written a book of the same name. I wonder if it is the same person? many points made in the interview inspired me to look into mycelia more.

@caspar yeah the three of us have maxed out our book budgets for a while ^_^`

I don't have the mycology zine on me now, since my friend got that one but I don't remember an author. I know the author(s) are from the west coast tho and we live pretty east so idk how useful it'll be for actual identification around here.

@bugs I really want to dig into Nietzsche and anarchy, but I have no idea how it's gonna go. I think there was some mention here of a reading group for that

@mycelia @bugs I started Thus Spoke Zarathustra awhile back, and enjoyed the first few chunks, but its not an easy read for me. definitely have to be in a certain state of mind..

@mycelia yeah that’s right! My copy is packed up for a move right now but in the next couple weeks I’ll be ready to go.

@mycelia hey, take out the word "hacker" in your bio and you'd have an accurate description of me. for that reason i think we should be friends.

is black seed still in print? i have an early issue and would love to read more

@crabapplepies it is! Although this is the last issue Aragorn! was involved in and the first published after he died. So the future of black seed seems uncertain.

@mycelia that's great to hear. and RIP Aragorn! -- he was essentially the "publisher," right? really hope it carries on.

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