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@bugs if you walk far enough down to where both ends of the joy-despair axes meet, and whisper "my desires, although beautiful, are also a product of a civilization that must be destroyed" to your reflection in the pond, you'll be transported to a place that's always moving and ephemeral, now lush and soon desert where no one project lasts forever and that's where you'll find me. Dancing in the ruins.

My roommate is making skillet cookie again

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new component to anarchist practice: unlearning chair sitting

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Morchella Esculenta is the harbinger of ecological collapse. These little guys can be found growing by diseased elm and ash trees, as well as the occasional dying oak or pine. In recent years elm trees have been all but wiped out by dutch elm blight, ash trees by the emerald ash borer and oaks are in decline due to the gypsy moth and spotted lantern flies. As these trees decline you can observe the jump from species to species these mushrooms seem to make...

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Im experimenting with using printer paper for plant starts. i messed up the printing of some zines so this is my way to use them up.
Hopefully they'll work out and won't just rot and collapse. Ill give most of then away if they grow.

Projects end or fail or change and that's okay. I am in a bad habit of clinging to things out of a feeling of obligation when the joy or usefulness of it has long since run out.

Really gotta start evaluating that when starting projects in addition to figuring out how to end them

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Purposefully going to start considering more the existence and nature of obligations involved in a new project when deciding whether or not to jump into it.

I have frequently allowed my boundaries of what I'm comfortable with committing to get eroded, and then I end up miserable.

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Working on a zine and layout and composition are *not* things I am practiced or good at!

(Advice welcome) :blob_raccoon_melt:

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Swimming in the ocean you often run across the ghosts of society. Some times it’s a shiny beer can, or it’s a barnacle encrusted knick-knack, and very rarely it’s something larger with a whole ecosystem built around it.

I prefer clear waters and the starfish prefer the rocks, but it’s difficult to imagine an ocean without trash anymore.

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One of my roomates got a Nerf gun and a pack of 75 darts so I've been sitting on the couch in the dark for 20 minutes trying to shoot the light switch on

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Thought I'd share a goofy riff after changing guitar strings

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May Day 

Serendipitously (or perhaps not) our next reading group date falls on May the 1st! Because of that, we will be doing something a bit different than previous sessions. Rather than reading from a specific text or confining ourselves to a textual focus at all, we will be responding to the question,

“What does anarchism, or anarchy mean to you?”

Our desire is for people to respond to this in any way they see fit, be it through story, poem, song, discussion, art, silence, or anything else. Rather than being a show-and-tell of sorts, we'd like for this to be more akin to a chaotic dinner party, where the focus is on enjoyment rather than any other formality. And of course, you are encouraged to bring guests!

Also, because we are a reading group we couldn't resist offering up at least one piece of optional reading: The Witch's Child.

As always, you can email (bugs) Ⓐ for the jitsi room link, or get it from a friend.


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Feyerabend eats rationalism.

“Science is much closer to myth than a scientific philosophy is prepared to admit. It is one of the many forms of thought that have been developed by man, and not necessarily the best. It is conspicuous, noisy, and impudent, but it is inherently superior only for those who have already decided in favor of a certain ideology, or who have accepted it without ever having examined its advantages and its limits.”

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Anarchist and communist mastodon, what does anti-politics mean? What is the anti-political?

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Had a wonderful time at reading group, thanks to all those who came by!

Next week we will be continuing our queer march through nihilism via baedan,

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Fungi, Fun Guy

Fungi Debord, Fungi Hoquenghem, Fungi Fieri


Drank half a beer, like, 3 hours ago? And I haven't been able to remember my FDE password since so I guess I'm just not using my computer today.

Which is also good.

But I'm sort of hoping I remember it eventually.

Sort of.

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