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@bugs if you walk far enough down to where both ends of the joy-despair axes meet, and whisper "my desires, although beautiful, are also a product of a civilization that must be destroyed" to your reflection in the pond, you'll be transported to a place that's always moving and ephemeral, now lush and soon desert where no one project lasts forever and that's where you'll find me. Dancing in the ruins.

I think this is my yelling in public year. There have been many instances like last night where I stood in a cross walk blocking traffic, cussing out a driver who didn't see me.

It just feels good to yell I guess :grraccoon:

Now that the leaves have fallen, their absence has revealed so many nests

I should start carrying rocks in my pocket to throw at the cars that almost kill me

cultural norms around lewdness 

It happened again today that someone I know expressed surprise at the fact that people aged 60+ would be into sexually exlicit music/products/activities and... it's like everyone just forgot about the 60s?

In the US at least people used to have sex in public spaces. By most standards I can think of, even anarchists today are significantly more demure in their sexual and romantic relationships than what I've heard of popular 60s counterculture.

People who are 80+ today probably fuck harder than us lol

Went into a hot topic today on a whim and the contents have changed surprisingly little since c. 2005

Has anyone used an OCR-like tool to process scans of musical scores?

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Thinking about laser eyes Nietzsche on the book cover of the Kurdish translation


Taking advantage of a food processor my roommate left behind

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for all my criticisms of graeber, i really like one of his anecdotes about managing a car in a collective living situation. the "solution" for how to best manage the car and its associated problems of maintenance, use, and compulsory bureaucratic entanglement was to destroy the vehicle and throw a party. i think this story says much more than its humble presentation might make it seem.

i was just reminded of this story while reading about some plans to take a somewhat inaccessible and expensive service and make it more accessible through a collective project. but i think it's much more interesting to think about how to dissolve these issues, like the car, where you reject the framing of the whole situation and look instead for how to destroy it, to dissolve it, to flow around it. i feel this way about so many questions, many taking the basic form of "how would an anarchist society do X". and i just think these sorts of questions misunderstand the relationship of a state of anarchy to something called "society" and the expectation that there are singular recipes or formulas to follow (usually involving meetings) where the forces of conformity and control start to melt away. i'm always disappointed thinking about the poverty of imagination i encounter on these topics but i feel like the realm of possibility is vast and surprising and very interesting.

I made something! It sounds really bad, I'll try again another day

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Has anyone here used MPC Beats? It's the software the library here has and I know basically nothing about DAWs but really want to learn.

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hey it’s worldwide lie flat day. you don’t have to do anything today. just chill out. and don’t worry if you miss it today. tomorrow is worldwide lie flat day too.

This time I wasn't even doing something cool like skateboarding or riding my shitty bicycle. I was just... walking

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Any tips on learning how to fall properly? Asking from my couch where I'm icing my knee after yet another tango with the ground

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This isn't even anti-civ/green discourse 

But the cities near here that are the last hold outs against gentrification are those *without* convenient commuter rail access to $MAJOR_METROPOLITAN_AREA

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A! on nihilism 

"That impossible task set I share with you is the closest thing I would put forward as a recommended practice. A world-weary rebuilding of the very reasons we should do things together at all. A practice I am myself incapable of participating in because I have been broken by the same things as you. My mind is no longer limber enough to learn a new language. My heart is too scarred to do something so honest with a group of new people and too experienced to do it with the monsters I surround myself with (for other reasons). To go deep enough to subvert the conditioning and violence of this world is just impossible enough that I can imagine the kind of person who would attempt it but I have no idea what will result, even in a best case scenario."

- Aragorn!, "Nihilist Animism"

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