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@bugs if you walk far enough down to where both ends of the joy-despair axes meet, and whisper "my desires, although beautiful, are also a product of a civilization that must be destroyed" to your reflection in the pond, you'll be transported to a place that's always moving and ephemeral, now lush and soon desert where no one project lasts forever and that's where you'll find me. Dancing in the ruins.

Anarchist from colony is a good movie

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Watching a documentary about fungi because the air quality is orange again. Trees are connected by a vast network of fungal mycelium. The plants share photosynthesized sugars with the fungus and the fungi break down soil nutrients to give to the plants.

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Reading group reading group reading group!

Join us at 7pm Central to discuss chapters 8 & 9 of Nietzsche and Anarchy

On the plus side, the goldenrod this fall is fucking beautiful :blobaww:

Is there a word for insurmountable, unknowable horrors of civilisation? I'm thinking of the feeling you get when you bike to the outskirts of town and the wind is blowing just right so it carries the putrid smell of chemicals and un-decay from the regional dump right to you. The kind where all you can see are green, rolling hills full of goldenrod but you realize under all of this lies waste that will be around for longer than you can comprehend, long after any life forms we recognise have ceased to inhabit this earth.

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Reeding groop alert: it’s fun!

We’re diving into part 2 of Nietzsche and Anarchy “Ontology for Social War”, and will be discussing chapters 8 & 9 next Saturday.

:molotov: :googlegun: :acab:

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It’s reading group day!

I initially posted the wrong chapters to read :blobdead: Today we should be discussing chapters 6 & 7 of "Nietzsche and Anarchy" at 7:00 PM Central Time.

But if you read 7 & 8 that’s alright too

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:blob_raccoon_peek: Well I did it!

This is me reading Stories of the Raccoon People

Beware there's a couple times I blow in the mic, and it's not equalized at all, and I got emotional during a specific story. It is what it is, and I hope it's enjoyable to you :blob_raccoon_heart:

Bear people coming soon

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On my way home tonight the wind turned all the leaves into little mice and frogs that scuttled around me and turned back into leaves again

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Reading group time again

We'll be discussing chapters 3-5 of "Nietzsche and Anarchy" at 7:00 PM Central Time.

You can still join the matrix room* and connect that way but I'll also post the link to the jitsi call as a response to this post
(how self aware of me, to make a promise like that)


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We'll be tabling tomorrow at Philly ABC's Running Down the Walls and we'll have this special herbal remedy bundle available for donation, the money going towards RDTW political prisoner support. The bundle includes anti-anxiety anti-depression and immune supporting tinctures, and skincare salves, all hand grown and processed by a local anarchist.

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Omg the one year of is October 20th!

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A friend and I are going to be starting an audio distro thing soon!
I'm looking for suggestions of shortish pieces that I should read, ideally ones that haven't already been done by resonance, audio anarchy, or other things similar projects.
If you think it might be too long that's fine too! Send it my way anyways and I might get to it some day.

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do critiques of violence = pacifism? i’d like to find some critiques of violence. i’m also wondering how US American media influences USA anarchists as violence is present throughout a lot of USA media.

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any time someone reads Kaneko Fumiko’s prison memoir, an angel gets its wings and becomes more beautiful and terrible than before

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Looking for podcasts/interviews featuring #blind and #partiallysighted people! :boost_ok:

Topics and niches may include:
- blind writers/artists talking about craft
- blind systems theorists
- meditation
- blind QTBIPOC experience
- occultism
- christianity
- judaism
- martial arts
- decolonial practice

But also anything goes! I struggle to find audio content by blind folks online.

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