Police, SWAT, and arborists are raiding defenders at the and are attempting to cut down trees!

could use local help if anyone is in the area. I can give more details. Follow nitter.it/defendatlforest for updates.


"Police & arborists w spiked boots are reportedly entering Forest on the side. Show support by filming the forest destroyers or over the phone by calling the permit office. What they’re doing is likely illegal since the County has not yet approved their permit."

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update on Atlanta police invading the forest 

Atlanta Police entered the Weeluanee Forest today and destroyed or damaged several trees and three tree houses. No arrests were made. (nitter.kavin.rocks/atlanta_pre)

Atlanta police, working with an arborist, cut down all the branches of the tree pictured below while a brave protestor occupied this platform.

"Standing strong against the police endangering their life, the tree sitter was not removed or arrested & the sit stands." nitter.kavin.rocks/defendATLfo

"APD was unable to destroy the majority of the sits." nitter.kavin.rocks/defendATLfo There's a full report here with a video of the tree and tree sit pictured below and the tree's branches on the ground.

There's a list for climbing and construction supplies from Amazon, but if you could get them from other stores, I think that would be even better.

A fuller report at the very end.

Wow, I just read this testimonial! (the pictures below) (I didn't have time earlier.) Here we go again: the cops getting away with risking someone's life or well-being simply because whatever the police do is rarely illegal.

Someone commented to the pictures below, "see if you can get arborists to pledge not to help.

"it's easier for someone to be informed and pledge to turn down the work, in advance. many people would find it psychologically much harder to stop and walk away midway through the job even if they realize it's terrible, especially working for an authority figure (cf Milgram exp.)" (nitter.it/krhettn/status/15680)

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