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Sick Codes has jailbroken a John Deere, and this is just the beginning. Turns out our entire food system is built on outdated, unpatched Linux and Windows CE hardware with LTE modems.


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@BrokenBiscuit @mu

Absolutely agree with this. Why?

* Farmers aren't tech savvy, and they shouldn't have to be.

* Corporation boards (not the C-levels, the BOARD members) aren't held responsible for their inferior products, and they should have to be.

* Decision-makers are nepotism hires who are easily misled by their scammer pals into spending money that's not theirs on technology they don't understand, and they should never be.

@mu Well done!
Right of First Sale and Right to Repair are two of the most important aspects of freedom.

Without them, the things we own, own us.

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