France is facing massive droughts, but golf greens have been exempted from water restrictions; so climate activists went to golf courses and filled the holes with concrete!

@mu tbh, this is the first extinction rebellion "action" i fully support

> Sabotage of golfs at Toulouse
> holes filled with concrete

> This hole drinks 277 000 L of water per day
> Do you drink as much?
(Note: French has the expression «boire comme un trou»)

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I am not a golfer. I do not know that particular golf course in France.

I want to note that an increasing number of golf courses these days are managed as biotopes, and are habitats of rare species of plants and animals. Preserving this during a drought might be a defendable decision. Again, I don't know about the particular situation in Toulouse.

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Just to say, I believe it is not so easy to simply hate on golf courses in general. Many stereotypes are no longer true.

@mu a more discrete version of this could be a pocket of gravel and some spray foam.

@BV161 Would that work by spraying and then dumping in gravel?

@mu I'd imagine so. Might take some testing out if the gravel just sits on top instead of the foam moving around it.

Might go ahead and test out later and report back.

@mu so it seems like the gravel doesnt make much sense from a speed pov. Things get pretty sticky if trying to add once the spray is in place making multipe pairs of gloves a must .

youd also want to use a fresh can as well. The nozzle straw doesnt work well, if at all, once its been used (and cleaned).

in closing, using the spray foam alone would work just fine imo.

@BV161 Thanks for the report—it looks helpful

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