fedizine: an anarchist introduction to federated social media is now online thanks to our friends at the F-91W Distro:

It's also available as a PDF for reading: https://distro.f-91w.club/fedizine/fedizine_read.pdf

and PDFs for printing in colour:
or black and white: https://distro.f-91w.club/fedizine/fedizine_print_bw.pdf

:anarchism: :fediverso:

@fedizine I just had an idea of tabling this at the Atlanta radical bookfair

@mu PLEASE! Our dream is to see it printed and distro'd elsewhere. It's perfect for a bookfair (we made it for our own bookfair). There are printable PDFs on the webpage version!


@fedizine Alright, I'll let them know that I want to do that, and I'll try to make it happen! How many did you print for the bookfair?

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