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Leaders' "powers are composed of the naked self-alienation which constitutes a popular submission that must be continually implicitly encouraged at the same time that it is explicitly ignored and covered-up."



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"Natural farming is nearly identical to the way Indigenous people lived all over the world before the advent of modern civilization."

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Mu farming economics, a few paragraphs 

“With total reliance on natural farming, all it takes to support a household of several people is a quarter-acre. On this amount of land, one could build a small house, grow grains and vegetables, raise a goat, and even keep several chickens and a hive of bees.”

“Agricultural crops grown by natural farming should be assessed on the basis of a natural economy, not a monetary economy. For this to happen, it is necessary that a new system of economics founded on Mu* be developed. Establishing Mu economics will require us to get rid of our false system of values and unearth the original and true value of agriculture. In addition, Mu natural farming must be supported and implemented with Mu economics and Mu government.”

* “Cosmic nothingness. Refers here to the state where willful human actions are cast aside.”

“In a nation where everyone tends small farms, circumstances might require that there be some consignment farming, sharecropping on a contractual basis, mutually cooperative cultivation, and even some trading of farm goods grown by natural farming, although this would be limited to the occasional exchange of surplus products on a small scale in open-air markets.”

“Economic relief measures are being attempted today, but the most important step that must be taken is not increasing the price of rice. Nor is it lowering the price of materials or cutting back production expenses or raising labor productivity with labor-saving techniques and mechanization or reorganizing the distribution system. None of these are radical measures. Everything depends on whether people are able to return to the viewpoint that “all is unnecessary,” that one must “act without acting.” Turning around to return to the source of Mu and dedicating ourselves to a Mu economy will not be easy, but it is the only choice we have.

“This is the purpose of quarter-acre farming for all the people of the land. If people have a change of heart, they will not need vast green fields to achieve this rebirth; it will be enough for them to work small fields. Our world has fallen into a state of chaos because man, led astray by an embarrassment of knowledge, has engaged in futile labors. The road back to the land, back to the bosom of a pure, innocent nature still remains open to us all.”

Masanobu Fukuoka's Natural Way of Farming pages 264, 268, and 269

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A lot of social media accounts are popping up for new community defense groups.

This is good, but be skeptical of any formation unless you know the people involved, or they have demonstrated they are more than a social media account through action.

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#askFedi what are your favourite punk and hardcore releases of 2022?? :hcGoblin: I have a year-end list I need to get working on for @la_chaine :boostRequest:

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On the evening of Saturday, November 19, chainsaw-wielding militants took action to close down the Atlanta Police Department’s shooting range inside the Weelaunee Forest, where APD trains weekly to kill and maim the people of Atlanta. A few small trees were selectively felled in order to block the access road to the shooting range. One of the felled trees hit a power line which provides electricity to the shooting range, leading to a power surge which blew a transformer and disabled the cameras, which were then destroyed with fire and hammers. The power line only services the shooting range. No residential areas were impacted by the outage.

#DirectAction #Atlanta #ACAB #CommunityService

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Almost 2,000 manatees have died in Florida in two years, largely because of starvation as huge areas of the seagrass vegetation they eat have been destroyed by pollution.

Environmental groups are demanding the species be declared officially endangered again.

A program to feed manatees with lettuce funded by public donation is being relaunched.

#Manatee #Seagrass #Florida #EndangeredSpecies

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Time for my #introduction on this app.

My name is Caron (I also go by Ren). I'm a journalist and filmmaker. I'm currently working on a documentary about the Wood Street encampment in West Oakland, following residents as they face eviction from their longterm homes.

Follow me for #Oakland and #California #homelessness content.

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On November 21 a group of anarchists were beaten while demonstrating against the appropriation of Ricardo Flores Magón's memory by members of the CROM, a government-appointed union in Mexico.
As a result of this confrontation, two compañerxs are in a delicate state of health. We call for solidarity to cover their hospital expenses.
Information at: "

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Man, I'm really proud of the organization that hosts the server I'm using on Mastodon. Take a look at all of the cool stuff they're doing.

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Workers who build iPhones at Foxconn in Zhengzhou fighting corporate security. The shutdown is currently estimated to be causing $1 billion a week of lost sales in iPhones.


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Aired once in 1998 on the live SNL show, then banned and never aired again


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fuck thanksgiving, fuck black friday.

write a letter of support to incarcerated black revolutionaries, elders from earlier movements for liberation, and younger people from more recent struggles.

pdx anarchist black cross will host a letter-writing event on november 25 from 6:00pm-9:00pm at alder commons, but of course, you can write letters of support to people wherever you are.

~~masks required at this event~~

#pdx #portland #oregon #prison #solidarity #letters #freethemall

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"A local chapter of the far-right Proud Boys plans to disrupt a Dec. 3 drag story event in Columbus, Ohio, just two weeks after the killings at a LGBTQ night club in Colorado Springs.  

The Columbus Proud Boys announced their plans to disrupt the kids story time event held at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus on Telegram..."

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Ahead of the Day of Mourning, and in response to colonial mythology about early Thanksgivings, we recommend learning about Metacomet’s War, an ambitious early effort to resist the colonial conquest of what came to be called North America.


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Please donate to an Indonesian mutual aid group doing disaster relief:

Thank you to all who have donated to the local mutual aid efforts in the shadow of the #Cianjur #earthquake.

Our friends on the ground have immediately spent every cent sent to them and have distributed food, water, tents, and other survival supplies to various villages that have been impacted.

@pasargratisan (on IG) has posted report backs and are still asking for donations if you are able.

Please donate if you can at:

If you would like to read more/see videos of supplies bought check out the Indonesian Black Cross account @palang__hitam here:

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I can't believe this exists, but you can now get anonymous 5G data-only mobile plans with 30 eSIMs a month, in the US and EU. #mobile #security #privacy

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Announcing a Spring Midwest #Anti-Capitalist Conference!
Building Grassroots Resistance to Capitalism, White Supremacy and Patriarchy
We/ll be coming together to strategize, organize, and learn from each other . TWe will have speak-outs, panel discussions, organizing events, food, and music! We want you and your organization's participation! More information, including registration and panel applications will be coming soon. If you have any questions please message us.

watching When Liberty Burns about a riot in Miami in 1980 after the police chased a black man on a motorcycle and beat him to death. also about racialized life in Miami proceeding the 80s

movie database:

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🌸 instances allowing feds to join need to be met with nothing short of open hostility
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Since being on mastodon, as I slowly move out of the bird app, I have found that I’m missing the #indigenous and #Navajo community that made it difficult for me to decide to leave Twitter.

Absolutely mastodon has a more positive and welcoming environment here, which I’m loving. But Im in search of #indigenous and other #bipoc accounts.

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The Centre for Gender Advocacy in Tiohtiá:ke (Montréal, Québec) could currently really use some donations to buy in particular more binders, to sell to trans community members on a pay-what-you-can basis. For a lot of young and marginalized trans people, these are the most affordable binders they have access to.

Donating approximately 30CAD (~22,32 USD) will cover the cost of 1 binder.

Please help if you can:

If you can't donate, a share would be incredibly appreciated.

#Trans #GenderAffirmingCare #TransDayOfRemembrance #CentreForGenderAdvocacy #2110Center

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What are some 𝘩𝘺𝘱𝘰𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘵𝘪𝘤𝘢𝘭 and creative ways to drive fascists out of my neighborhood? :blobraccoon_flamethrower:

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