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Leaders' "powers are composed of the naked self-alienation which constitutes a popular submission that must be continually implicitly encouraged at the same time that it is explicitly ignored and covered-up."



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"Natural farming is nearly identical to the way Indigenous people lived all over the world before the advent of modern civilization."

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Mu farming economics, a few paragraphs 

“With total reliance on natural farming, all it takes to support a household of several people is a quarter-acre. On this amount of land, one could build a small house, grow grains and vegetables, raise a goat, and even keep several chickens and a hive of bees.”

“Agricultural crops grown by natural farming should be assessed on the basis of a natural economy, not a monetary economy. For this to happen, it is necessary that a new system of economics founded on Mu* be developed. Establishing Mu economics will require us to get rid of our false system of values and unearth the original and true value of agriculture. In addition, Mu natural farming must be supported and implemented with Mu economics and Mu government.”

* “Cosmic nothingness. Refers here to the state where willful human actions are cast aside.”

“In a nation where everyone tends small farms, circumstances might require that there be some consignment farming, sharecropping on a contractual basis, mutually cooperative cultivation, and even some trading of farm goods grown by natural farming, although this would be limited to the occasional exchange of surplus products on a small scale in open-air markets.”

“Economic relief measures are being attempted today, but the most important step that must be taken is not increasing the price of rice. Nor is it lowering the price of materials or cutting back production expenses or raising labor productivity with labor-saving techniques and mechanization or reorganizing the distribution system. None of these are radical measures. Everything depends on whether people are able to return to the viewpoint that “all is unnecessary,” that one must “act without acting.” Turning around to return to the source of Mu and dedicating ourselves to a Mu economy will not be easy, but it is the only choice we have.

“This is the purpose of quarter-acre farming for all the people of the land. If people have a change of heart, they will not need vast green fields to achieve this rebirth; it will be enough for them to work small fields. Our world has fallen into a state of chaos because man, led astray by an embarrassment of knowledge, has engaged in futile labors. The road back to the land, back to the bosom of a pure, innocent nature still remains open to us all.”

Masanobu Fukuoka's Natural Way of Farming pages 264, 268, and 269

The judge who signed off on the Trump search warrant was a lawyer who represented Epstein's employees at one point, but wasn't Trump an actual Epstein client?

All judges are bastards?

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I decided to slash the T440p price a bit further: the discounted price is now -£40 versus before, instead of -20.

Also: the cheaper 720p T440p has the regular touchpad at lower price (1080p one has the T450 touchpad).

X230 price also reduced. My laptops are much cheaper now.

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Massive demonstration against the high cost of living and economic challenges in Sierra Leone. 30 sec video:

Forces have killed dozens of people. Government imposed curfew. another video:

"Garland defended FBI agents.... “Every day they protect the American people from ... terrorism ... while safeguarding our civil rights.”" kind of ironic because the fbi used to be terrorists who eroded marginalized people's civil rights.

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"Grass was the single largest irrigated "crop" in America, surpassing corn and wheat, a frequently cited study from NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration found. It noted that by the early 2000s, turf grass -- mostly in front lawns -- spanned about 63,000 square miles, an area larger than the state of Georgia.

Keeping all that front lawn grass alive requires up to 75% of just one household's water consumption.

America's obsession with grass can be traced back to 17th century England, where meticulously manicured lawns became a "symbol of status and wealth" because of the high cost to maintain them.

That idea of lawns as a demonstration of status really became embedded in gardening culture in this country with British colonialism, so it sort of traveled west with us and took all that labor in.

Besides the intensive water use, gas-powered lawn mowers emit pollutants that can cause cancer and planet-warming gases, which in turn contributes to the climate crisis and the region's drought."

oh shit, this fbi raid may be about trump trying to sell nuclear secrets to someone like Saudi Arabia! (picture below)

"“If the FBI and the Department of Justice believed there were top secret materials still at Mar-a-Lago, that would lend itself to greater ‘hair-on-fire’ motivation to recover that material as quickly as possible.”" lol

tangentially related: a search for "security clearance for nuclear secrets" shows, "Q clearance or Q access authorization is the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) security clearance required to access Top Secret Restricted Data, Formerly Restricted Data, and National Security Information, as well as Secret Restricted Data."

"The Q Clearance is the enigmatically-named security clearance created to allow access Restricted Data, the legal category for nuclear secrets in the United States"

if you think right wingers hating the feds is a new and exciting phenomenon, i have a compound in the woods to sell you.

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The mayor took down this website with reports and studies from community orgs, faith leaders, Atlanta & Fulton officials, community members, entertainers, medical experts, mental health professionals, and so many more and years of work led by formerly incarcerated women of color:

Florida’s Don’t Say Gay Bill’s at work in elementary school libraries. DeSantis is a totalitarian.

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Does anyone out there have a ready-made tool they like to use to view their downloaded Mastodon archives?

(boosts/relays welcome)

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"BREAKING: Internet outage in Somaliland now confirmed as violent protests erupted in Hargeisa and Burao. Opposition-led protests continue in various locations and reports of police shooting with casualties, as per sources."

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summer of floods 

"In an 11-day span, the US experienced at least four flooding events that would each normally be expected once every 1,000 years, or have a 0.1% chance of happening in any given year. Scientists say extreme rainfall spurred by climate breakdown is rendering many of these historical norms obsolete.

'We are going to have to change the labeling because these are not one-in-1,000-years events any more.'"

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Try @owncast, it's designed as a Fedi Twitch alternative. You can follow OwnCast accounts from Mastodon etc and when you go live your followers get a message about it in their timeline.

More info at:

You can browse channels at:

The music account @live is currently streaming as I write this.

some maga threatened the fbi building in cincinnati, and the police chased away and asked residents to stay indoors.

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