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"Natural farming is nearly identical to the way Indigenous people lived all over the world before the advent of modern civilization."

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Mu farming economics, a few paragraphs 

“With total reliance on natural farming, all it takes to support a household of several people is a quarter-acre. On this amount of land, one could build a small house, grow grains and vegetables, raise a goat, and even keep several chickens and a hive of bees.”

“Agricultural crops grown by natural farming should be assessed on the basis of a natural economy, not a monetary economy. For this to happen, it is necessary that a new system of economics founded on Mu* be developed. Establishing Mu economics will require us to get rid of our false system of values and unearth the original and true value of agriculture. In addition, Mu natural farming must be supported and implemented with Mu economics and Mu government.”

* “Cosmic nothingness. Refers here to the state where willful human actions are cast aside.”

“In a nation where everyone tends small farms, circumstances might require that there be some consignment farming, sharecropping on a contractual basis, mutually cooperative cultivation, and even some trading of farm goods grown by natural farming, although this would be limited to the occasional exchange of surplus products on a small scale in open-air markets.”

“Economic relief measures are being attempted today, but the most important step that must be taken is not increasing the price of rice. Nor is it lowering the price of materials or cutting back production expenses or raising labor productivity with labor-saving techniques and mechanization or reorganizing the distribution system. None of these are radical measures. Everything depends on whether people are able to return to the viewpoint that “all is unnecessary,” that one must “act without acting.” Turning around to return to the source of Mu and dedicating ourselves to a Mu economy will not be easy, but it is the only choice we have.

“This is the purpose of quarter-acre farming for all the people of the land. If people have a change of heart, they will not need vast green fields to achieve this rebirth; it will be enough for them to work small fields. Our world has fallen into a state of chaos because man, led astray by an embarrassment of knowledge, has engaged in futile labors. The road back to the land, back to the bosom of a pure, innocent nature still remains open to us all.”

Masanobu Fukuoka's Natural Way of Farming pages 264, 268, and 269

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"This is a map-drawing game. You collectively explore the struggles of a small community trying to transition from extractive technologies, economies, knowledges and practices and build a new way of living. It is a game about community, difficult choices, solarpunk dreams and anti-capitalist futures. Players will narrate the events of the community and the groups within it as it struggles to overcome the many challenges of climate change and the transition away from capitalism and control by a few to an expanded democracy of communities controlling their lives and futures, together. When you play, you make decisions about the community. Those decisions get recorded on a map that is constantly evolving. Parts of the map are literal cartography, while other parts are symbolic. You will also name and describe the various groups that make up the larger community."

Acquire "self-defense tools, communication tools, generators and fuel supplies, repair tools, etc." Learn "how to properly use them. stock up as best as you can on essential goods, supplies, and medicines - enough to last 3 solid months if possible. And in the time of an ongoing pandemic, this means stocking up on masks, sanitizers, disinfectants and test kits as well."

"establish community based mutual aid and self-defense networks in your immediate vicinity. The purpose of these networks are to address safety and material needs for yourself, those you care for and those who you are in an intentional community with. By immediate, I mean within a geographic area no greater than 10 miles apart. This is to affect immediate response and support times in case of emergency."

"engage in as much autonomous food production as possible. this work needs to intersect with the mutual aid networking...."

"a 10 mile radius ... is a distance that can easily be traversed, even if there is no public transportation, or if gas is restricted, or access to vehicles is limited."

Do "not allow them to conduct business as usual. execute strikes, walk outs, blockades, civil disobedience, occupations, and much, much more."

"ensure that whatever comes next will not be a return to the old bourgeois horror we are presently living through. Should we lose, the forces of reaction will do their worse to return us to the horrors of the 16th century."

This also helps with climate change.

How do we overcome those that already keep us in our places and the vigilantes that interrupt us from breaking out or taking what we want?

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"Democrats may find that they are bringing a ballot to a gunfight."

"everyone who is concerned about this should be learning about direct action and anti-fascist means of community defense." But instead, centrists (Democrats) argue "to direct people away from ... the measures they should be taking, to delegitimize those measures and discredit the people with whom they might take them."

"The embrace of Rittenhouse indicates that ... there is widespread support for lethal violence against any social movement that is perceived as a threat to law and order."

"how can we prepare for a possible future in which the locus of power shifts back to street action, but on the terms of the likes of Trump and his supporters?"

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CONTENT WARNING: Detailed description of colonial violence and dehumanization at the hands of police and prison/court staff.


In this interview, Layla Staats and Skyler Williams describe their arrest on unceded Cas Yikh territory, and the disgusting lengths that the Canadian state went to try and break their warrior spirits.

Through these desperate and brutal actions, the RCMP and the courts showed the true essence of 'reconciliation' in a militarized settler-colonial state.

As Skyler says, and Wet'suwet'en land defenders have reminded us through their recent re-capture of Coyote Camp - injunctions are only pieces of paper. Canadian law has no legitimacy on stolen land.

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More Patriot Front graffiti but this time with a stencil and banner drop in Atlanta and Birmingham, Alabama. Plus a request to help identify a member and provide information about another. Locals quickly repaired this vandalism and removed the banner!

A Pittsburg crew spent a recent night painting and covering up Patriot Front stickers. Somebody in a brand new Audi pulled up and threatened to call the cops.

Most critiques, although they inspire people to drop one form of mental or spiritual bind, they usually only offer another trap to replace the first. One strength of The Unique and Its Property is that Stirner critiques the /practice/ of setting oneself in stone.

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It's looking like Kropotkin Escapes should be in our hands by the end of the weekCrossed fingers

"For the vast majority of thinking human beings, it was in Stirner’s time—and remains—God or gods, humanity, Man, society, the political state, the economy, or particular figures like emperors, kings or presidents ... all imaginary to one degree or another, depend for the largest part of their existence and powers precisely on the /mass belief/ people have in their imagined reality and power.

"historically, all systematic self-alienation begins with religion. religion is first of all “a thing of the understanding,” which means that it is actually a /conception/ to which we are /bound/. However, self-alienation is by no means confined to religion as such.

"Instead of directly appropriate decision-making based on the actually experienced situation here and now at hand, the decision is in advance “kicked upstairs,” where there is no knowledge or understanding of the particular situations in which the decisions will actually be applied and thus no possibility of full responsibility—no ability to respond according to one’s own felt, sensible and engaged recognition and understanding. In this rationalist mirror-world Truth, Value and Reality are all representations rather than lived activities in themselves. Stirner radically reverses this perspective and admits only his /own/ truths, his /own/ values and his /own/ reality, and invites us all to do the same. Especially since it is impossible for any nonsubjective Truth, Value or Reality to exist for /anyone/ in the first place except as that person’s own imagined projections of such things.

"Despite the mightiest of efforts, once this Pandora’s box had been opened it could not be closed. However the efforts continue every moment of every day from theologians, philosophers, preachers, moralists, politicians, economists, judges, police, ideologists, psychologists and all the other technicians of sacred power."

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On January 17, 1873, a group of 50 Modoc warriors is tracked to their lava bed stronghold in Northern California. When over 400 army soldiers arrive, they are quickly ambushed by armed warriors.

37 soldiers are killed or wounded in the attack without a single Modoc casualty. The army retreats in humiliation and the warriors would live to fight another battle.

To learn more about the indigenous insurgency in California of the late 1800s, read our novel Secolo Nuovo by Fulvia Ferrari.

"Max Stirner announced his intentions in the opening pages of his book. He argued that if egoism was suitable for God, humanity or the sultan, why not for me? Why is it always only the actually-existing, individual egoist who is disparaged, while the imagined masters of the world are so lauded? Why don’t we learn from these imagined masters and put ourselves in their place as masters of our own lives? Stirner goes on to do just this for himself, inviting us to follow his lead. The rest of the book is an examination of the implications which follow from this change of perspective from willing servitude to conscious self-creation."

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"Stirner had ... completed an unprecedented critique of every possible religious, philosophical and ideological system."

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tfw it took the kindness of strangers to produce a patent-free vaccine during a global pandemic, because Western governments and tax-dodging multinational corporations wouldn't fund it.

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Leaders' "powers are composed of the naked self-alienation which constitutes a popular submission that must be continually implicitly encouraged at the same time that it is explicitly ignored and covered-up."



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