alabama prison strike
alabama prison strike
alabama prison strike


alabama prison strike 2022 

"The strike organizers allege Eighth Amendment violations due to overcrowding. They're calling for lawmakers to make the following changes:

- Repeal the habitual offender law, which requires longer sentences for people convicted of multiple crimes, including life sentences for those convicted of a Class A felony after three previous felony convictions;
- Make the "presumptive standards" retroactive immediately;
- Repeal the drive-by shooting statute, which allows prosecutors to charge someone with capital murder if they are in a vehicle when they fatally shoot a victim;
- Create a statewide conviction integrity unit to investigate possible cases of wrongful incarceration;
- Create mandatory parole criteria that will guarantee parole to all eligible persons;
- Streamline the review processes for medical furloughs and early release of elderly inmates;
- Allow juvenile offenders to become eligible for parole after 15 years served, instead of the current 30-year requirement; and
- Get rid of life sentencing without the chance of parole."

alabama prison strike 2022 


"1. During a 'shutdown', no one in ADOC custody (with an AIS #) should report to work for ANY ADOC job, or any job that ADOC profits from. This includes work released, honor camps, all squads, Level 4’s and Max camps. If you know someone at any ADOC prison, make sure they know about the shutdown.

2. Read the List of Demands so that you know what you are sacrificing for, and be able to understand why a 'shutdown' is necessary, and stay informed.

3. All non-emergency contact or association with all ADOC officials should cease 72 hours before the shutdown begins (September 23, 2022). The only person or people who should be talking to ADOC officials during the shutdown are designated leaders and spokespersons. All other should stand down or be viewed with heavy skepticism.

4. Do Not !! come off the shutdown until all demands are met.

5. During a shutdown, everyone should move as a group. No small group of people should be outside their living area or away from their community alone. Remember, we are all together. We go to the dining hall together, we return to our living areas together, and we stay together. Period! Build and organize.

6. During a shutdown, embrace each other and promote unity at all times. Do not engage in violent confrontations with each other, under any circumstance. If you see a situation evolving, step in and help diffuse it. Exercise together, play cards, bet for pushups instead of money, read together, pray, etc., and definitely study together."

alabama prison strike 2022 

"Every prison has their own politics and leadership. Figure out what works best at your prison and hold your prison down. And, if your prison is the first one on shutdown or at some point becomes the only one on shutdown, don’t worry about what is going on at other places. Maintain your discipline and stay focused. If you hold your prison down long enough, others will join. Do your part, do your best, and don’t allow anyone to deter you."


alabama prison strike 2022 

Day 2 of the alabama prison strike -- already seeing repression and retaliation from prison pigs

Video of ADOC correctional officers beating another man in ADOC custody:

"The inmates in Alabama State Prisons have went on strike and are demanding better living conditions and prison reform . NO INMATES are currently operating the Kitchen .. this is what staff prepares for them .. Peanut butter sandwiches & raw hotdogs.. Please LIKE & RT."

outside demos in support:

alabama prison strike 2022 

"Alabama's parole board only granted TWO paroles for the entire first week of October. Two out of 124 cases considered."


Today, 10/13/2022, is Day 18 of the Alabama prison strike

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