A Love Letter From the End of the World
by Saint

"The apocalypse is continual as there is no perfect destination or some ultimate revolutionary point that we reach. I often notice this almost religious fervor reminds me of a lot of evangelicals in the so-called Leftist Movements and Scenes. They want abolition without the mess. They want us to reach a final goal where we can throw up our hands and say we are done!

The Left often reminds me of Christian cults that so often pop up and declare that they are the second coming of Christ or that it was revealed to them how to lead Earth into a new era. The issue is that no one is coming to save us...

Words like revolution and abolition are not supposed to pencil you in but are an incomplete sketch of a map to show us where we are going because as of right now we can only dream of what liberation looks like. I believe that it is beyond any of our wildest imaginations. To me, the only way out of the predicament we find ourselves in is not prayers, leftist leaders, or good thoughts but the Continual Abolition of the World."

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