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the hedonism of bathing/submerging ones body in water 

i'm already a slut for baths

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Safety Planning and Intimate Partner Violence: a Toolkit for Survivors and Supporters 

by Hyejin Shim, Aracelia Aguilar, Mouna Benmoussa, Rachel Caidor, Shira Hassan, Yves Tong Nguyen, Keisa Reynolds, Red Schulte, and Tamika Spellman

I cannot recommend this safety guide/planning toolkit for survivors trying to escape their abusers/abusive living situations enough. It is thorough, compassionate, well-researched, and speaks to both current and past survivors, as well as their supporters, and it demonstrates a rigorous systemic analysis to help you and your friends navigate the criminal legal system, the bureaucracy/professionalization of victim services over the long and short term.

I urge you to share it with your networks, and to read it *now,* ahead of when you or your friend or loved one might need it in the future. Learn the info now so you're not trying to learn on the fly. 💗

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mooncake's top smells 

- onions + garlic + cumin + coriander cooking in oil
- lilac flowers + dirt
- buddha's hand
- peach skin
- gently crushed thai basil
- fresh sage frying in butter
- Zoologist's "Sloth" perfume
- redwood trees when you roll down the window and you're speeding up 101 through mendo county in CA
- joss sticks
- sweat + any fig-dominant perfume
- ozone post-thunderstorm
- pyrography

Burkina Faso rescuers find no survivors in flooded mine chamber


i hope their families get whatever vengeance they need/want on the mining company, on Canadian/first world extraction and mining practices, on global capital, on every thing that lead to the loss of these 8 men

The problem with “touch grass” as a thing people say online is that they don’t specify which part of your body is doing the touching

Laying down naked in the grass > touching it with your little hand

white supremacist terror 

is a re-calibration tool for the settler colonial + anti-Black state!

while the gun-toting mass murderer seeks to kill to defend the existing order of whiteness, patriarchy, and property, the state uses that act to bolster the strength of prisons + police + property

they need each other, learn from each other, even as one relies on spectacular methods and the other addresses the spectacle with slow bureaucracy

raleigh nc pig murder 

GoFundMe for martyr and hero Reuel Rodriguez-Nunez:

@subMedia @igd_news

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raleigh nc pig murder 

"Jasiel insists his brother Reuel did not struggle with mental illness. But Reuel has had his share of run-ins with the law over the years. Including a recent stint in county jail where Jasiel believes Reuel emerged with a burning resentment over his treatment. And that it boiled over in front of RPD.

'Personally, I believe that my brother was protesting. Maybe protesting things that he saw in (jail). it was a way of protesting,' Jasiel said."

all love and power to Reuel Rodriguez-Nunez. May his memory and actions continue to inspire others

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"Starting from the premise that our prisoners are the comrades we are missing in the street, we make an open call to practice militant solidarity on all levels that will allow us to get Marcelo out of this already long imprisonment, using all our imagination and means at our disposal to eliminate once and for all the nefarious military justice, its convictions and its terrifying legacy in the recent history of this territory."

Chile: CALL FROM THE PRISONS OF THE CHILEAN STATE. Communiqué of anarchist and subversive prisoners

Youth Liberation Now -- Issue 3

"What is it to be young and queer? Why is youth liberation necessary for queer liberation? This issue includes a conversation between me (the zine creator) and my partner, a historic queer youth liberation manifesto, statistics on queer youth, and much more."

this is dope

Sade -- Nothing Can Come Between Us (Live 1993)

(that iconic sparkly matching set tho)

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Sade -- Paradise (Live 2011)

i heard its fine femme friday and there is no finer femme than Sade Adu

you're here
there's nothing i fear

(shamelessly stolen from birdsite)

so much love to him and his family and supporters! what a beautiful day it is

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"The New Jersey Supreme Court correctly upheld the law today, granting the release of 85-year-old Sundiata Acoli after serving more than 49 years in prison. The Supreme Court ruled that the parole board unlawfully denied Mr. Acoli’s petition for release by claiming that he was a risk to public safety and noted that he has shown no substantial risk of recidivism or a risk to public safety."

fuck yes this is so many years overdue :ablobmeltsoblove:

Esperanza Spalding -- Lest We Forget (blood)

"Lest we forget
Look, this leaf
Veins patterned by fractal giving
Oxygen you carry now within
A cell of blood threaded in
All parts of this body we too will grow to give and be
Blood is
Pulsing vast beyond our vein tips"

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Anatomy of an anti-trafficking policy campaign by Chanelle Gallant and Elene Lam 

"In an anti-trafficking campaign, women of colour are portrayed as brainwashed and ignorant sex trafficking victims, speaking under the control of pimps, not capable of acting of their own free will. Anti-trafficking campaigners use this argument to claim that their repressive policies protect vulnerable women from human traffickers. But when the women themselves refute this and demonstrate that they are not human trafficking victims, anti-trafficking campaigns switch tactics and portray people of colour as nefarious criminals whose sexual immorality is a threat."

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Anatomy of an anti-trafficking policy campaign by Chanelle Gallant and Elene Lam 

"Thanks to centuries of racism and employment segregation in North America, body rubs are associated with crime, sex work, and people of colour. Instead, Newmarket town council declared their intention to create new rules that would drive out the businesses that they defined as 'appeal[ing] to sexual appetites,' and the 'brothels' that town councillors claimed were 'hosts for human trafficking.' Their anti-trafficking plan was to get rid of suspected sex work by tightening the rules so that only businesses whose workers have formal educational certifications from Canada could get the newly created Personal Wellness Establishment Licence...

It quickly became clear to Asian women massage workers that this was not about protecting them from human trafficking – this was an attempt to push them out of work. The town council seemed to consider Asian massage workers to be both sex workers and human trafficking victims. "

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