have any you ever gave up social media completely for more than a year straight? not including pre-social-media-era times

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A "fun" thing that happened this week was the minneapolis pd officers who said, and i quote, "We just got called about a propane tank, we don't have anything to do with a camp eviction". Well, turns out



keep seeing people publish critiques of identity politics that simultaneously nod at identitarian (the euro fascist tendency) talking points.

"unscheduled period of time" 👎

"incoherent chronoforms" :blobcatjustright:

cop story 

"id rather not talk about it :oh_no: "

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cop story 

one time a federal police officer asked me, so you're MTF?

i just watched a crow pick up a rock, fly to powerline above, sit and wait for car to arrive beneath them (@ traffic light), aim and drop the rock on car's windshield. i cheered the crow on and they seemed pleased with themselves.

grand larsony is french for big arson

joke crypto 

had the intrusive thought "get FUCKED by " then searched for scamcoin and i found this lol scamcoin.online/

random scavenger pro-tip #342 

if you want to siphon gasoline without using your mouth to
suck on the end of a tube (getting vapor and maybe little bit of gasoline in your mouth)

use two tubes and a wet rag. both tubes go in gashole, wet rag used to make a semi-airtight seal around the gashole. blow in one tube, added pressure makes gas come out the other tube.

works best on older cars.

herbalism; dental stuff 

most regions of the world have a native plant that has traditionally helped people keep their teeth and prevent/address dental infections -- weather as a chewstick/brush, a mouthwash, a powder to rub onto teeth/gums, etc.

I think the "chewsticks" are especially cool because they (usually) are literally a tooth brush with little bristles that release medicine into yr mouth as you use it. (like the miswak or licorice root, but theres many others).

do you know what plants near you like to help people with dental health?

intrusive thought shitpost 

Won't somebody PLEASE think of the oogles?!

sometimes i have ideas i wanna share and discuss w other people, but refrain from doing so because im worried some grad student or person whos a "Professional" in that "Field" will take it and turn it into a weapon of extraction and death


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