30th November: Day of Action in Solidarity with Alfredo and other Comrades on Hunger Strike https://abolitionmedia.noblogs.org/post/2022/11/25/30th-november-day-of-action-in-solidarity-with-alfredo-and-other-comrades-on-hunger-strike/ Since 20 October, the anarchist Alfredo Cospito has been on hunger strike against his detention in total isolation and torture and against imprisonment without parole. Other detained comrades (Anna Beniamino, Ivan Alocco, Juan Sorrocho and Toby Shone) as a sign ...


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Obstruction of people on the move, and those who stand in solidarity with , is increasing throughout Europe. It is now especially important not to back down. The is preparing to return to the Search and Rescue Area, in ! t.co/wNo7j4UUFp

Anarchist News: **Oregon: Solidarity Arson Against Kone for Alfredo Cospito**

"On the night of November 21s, a KONE service truck was set ablaze while parked behind their corporate office in Milwaukie Oregon. This fire was lit for anarchist prisoner Alfredo Cospito in solidarity with his hunger strike against the 41Bis regime in Italy as a part the international call to action Cospito was arrested in 2012 and remained imprisoned by the Italian state ever since. According to prosecutors he was linked to various clandestine actions and members…"


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Anarchist Library: **Claire Ehrlich - The Lost World of Yiddish Anarchists**

"Author: Claire EhrlichTitle: The Lost World of Yiddish AnarchistsDate: 15 January 2019Source: Retrieved on November 26, 2022 from web.archive.org On Sunday, January 20, YIVO will host Yiddish Anarchism: New Scholarship on a Forgotten Tradition, a day-long conference. Claire Ehrlich sat down with scholars Kenyon Zimmer, Anna Elena Torres, and Tony Michels to discuss, among other topics, anarchism’s relationship to Jewish culture, religious practice…"


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147. To start with, there are the techniques of surveillance. Hidden video cameras are now used in most stores and in many other places, computers are used to collect and process vast amounts of information about individuals. Information so obtained greatly increases the effectiveness of physical coercion (i.e., law enforcement).[26] Then there are the methods of propaganda, for which the mass communications media provide effective vehicles. Efficient techniques have been developed for winning elections, selling products, influencing public opinion. The entertainment industry serves as an important psychological tool of the system, possibly even when it is dishing out large amounts of sex and violence. Entertainment provides modern man with an essential means of escape. While absorbed in television, videos, etc., he can forget stress, anxiety, frustration, dissatisfaction. Many primitive peoples, when they don’t have any work to do, are quite content to sit for hours at a time doing nothing at all, because they are at peace with themselves and their world. But most modern people must be constantly occupied or entertained, otherwise they get “bored,” i.e., they get fidgety, uneasy, irritable.


Questioner: Is it not sometimes very difficult to differentiate between natural human needs and the psychological desires for satisfaction?

Krishnamurti: it is very difficult to differentiate. To do this, there must be clarity of perception. To be aware of the process of all outgoing desires, and in fully understanding them, natural human needs will intelligently be regulated, without undue emphasis. But you see, individually we are not interested in understanding the process of desire. We are not eager enough to find out if we can differentiate between human needs and psychological desires. One can discover this through critical awareness, through patient probing, but another's understanding of this problem is of little value to you; you will have to understand it for yourself. If you say that you will limit yourself to the minimum of things, you are not understanding the complex problem of desire; you are then merely interested in achieving certain results, which is to seek gratification on another level; but this does not solve the problem which desire creates.

What we are trying to do here is to understand the process of desire, not to put a boundary to craving. In understanding craving there comes a natural limitation of things, not a predetermined limitation brought about by the exertion of will. it is craving that gives to things their disproportionate values. Those values are based on psychological demands. If one is psychologically poor, one seeks satisfaction in things; therefore, property, name, family, become urgent and important, resulting in social chaos. As long as one has not solved this conflict of greed, mere limitation of things cannot bring about either social order or that tranquillity of freedom from craving. Through social legislation, greed cannot be destroyed; you may limit its expression in certain directions but even those limitations are overcome if craving is still the motive for man's action. Compensations that are offered by religions for giving up worldly things are still forms of craving. To be free from craving, one must patiently, tactfully, without prejudice, understand its complex process.

Still lots of wood available! We’ll be cutting up more next weekend.

Solidarity with Alfredo Cospito! From Barton to Bancali \\ Solidarité avec Alfredo Cospito! De Barton à Bancali

The Barton Prisoner Solidarity Project released this statement in support of hunger striking anarchist prisoners Alfredo Cospito, Ivan Alocco, Anna Beniamino, and Juan Sorroche.


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🔥Yesterday there was a fire at our local homeless camp. two campsite we're lost entirely. To donate to fire support fornthe affected campers please donate with the comment fre support. Donation links at linktr.ee/crmutualaidnet


The Different Facets of Gentrification in Greece and Beyond

> https://unicornriot.ninja/2022/the-different-facets-of-gentrification-in-greece-and-beyond/ <

The closing of Exarcheia Square by the Greek authorities in Aug. 2022 to build a metro station marked a significant blow to the historic district. As those who reside in sections of Athens, Greece face an onslaught of ‘development,’ this article provides analysis to this development and takes a deeper dive into the recent rise of gentrification in the second part of our series on gentrification in Greece.

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