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alabama prison strike 2022 

"The strike organizers allege Eighth Amendment violations due to overcrowding. They're calling for lawmakers to make the following changes:

- Repeal the habitual offender law, which requires longer sentences for people convicted of multiple crimes, including life sentences for those convicted of a Class A felony after three previous felony convictions;
- Make the "presumptive standards" retroactive immediately;
- Repeal the drive-by shooting statute, which allows prosecutors to charge someone with capital murder if they are in a vehicle when they fatally shoot a victim;
- Create a statewide conviction integrity unit to investigate possible cases of wrongful incarceration;
- Create mandatory parole criteria that will guarantee parole to all eligible persons;
- Streamline the review processes for medical furloughs and early release of elderly inmates;
- Allow juvenile offenders to become eligible for parole after 15 years served, instead of the current 30-year requirement; and
- Get rid of life sentencing without the chance of parole."


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Influencing a change in my grandma's brain patterns by giving her new experiences like 

not allowing any commercials to play in the car drive & introducing oldies to her country presets

Who needs DMT, anyway?

Intergenerational land repair conflict 

Apparently "not this" isn't good enough

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Intergenerational land repair conflict 

There's been 2 marks to my grandparents' trust in me this year, which means they are now requesting that I prove the value of my presence.

She's asking me to draw out a plan for what I'm doing.

Which, you know, I was about to slowly do but now there's pressure to please them. Despite~~~ how little interest or encouragement they've shown me for the things I've tried to teach them about my goals so far.

internal family systems parts dialogue 

One of my parts: *moving to delete a post*

Another part: "I stand by what I said!"

Ranting about intergenerational land repair conflict 

First my grandparents were telling me I don't need to harvest rain, due to how much it floods here

Now she's telling me not to use the well water for anything non-human, due to how much others are drying up nearby

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update on Atlanta police invading the forest 

Atlanta Police entered the Weeluanee Forest today and destroyed or damaged several trees and three tree houses. No arrests were made. (nitter.kavin.rocks/atlanta_pre)

Atlanta police, working with an arborist, cut down all the branches of the tree pictured below while a brave protestor occupied this platform.

"Standing strong against the police endangering their life, the tree sitter was not removed or arrested & the sit stands." nitter.kavin.rocks/defendATLfo

"APD was unable to destroy the majority of the sits." nitter.kavin.rocks/defendATLfo There's a full report here with a video of the tree and tree sit pictured below and the tree's branches on the ground.

There's a list for climbing and construction supplies from Amazon, but if you could get them from other stores, I think that would be even better.

A fuller report at the very end.

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I wish we could pause the world and just fix everything real quick

exclusionary values of monied whiteness 

Monied white families are so weird. I can't believe so many people exist in this atmosphere.

Their connection to each other just seems really shallow, but everlasting, & also requires an obvious commitment to nationalist values. Families in general perplex me but witnessing these in particular is something else.

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antifascist, anarchist and 2022 uprising prisoner Cyan Bass has been out of funds for a while now and is really in need of new toiletries, shoes and underclothes. unfortunately, he can't receive care packages, so he needs to buy everything through commissary.

if you can help with commissary funds, please send me a dm and i will connect with you.

"accountability" vs disposability, individual choice 

I'm thinking that the very big conversation revolving around "accountability" vs disposability is actually about an individual's choice.

Like, do I want to have a chance to regenerate in community within conflict? Or do I want to get rid of the conflict?

& do I have the capacity to do the one I want? Under which circumstance would I want the other?

dream feelings 

I definitely had a dream last night, or something, that had an extensive storyline but I hardly remember anything

I just remember feeling like I had taken in a lot of information very recently after waking up

flood & drought, prairie 

I'm looking for information around managing water & things- hm, like water conservation when interacting with the land (not just limiting water use), big ways people are slowing down paths,

Like, what would I try to tell a bunch of people in a neighborhood about keeping around longer?

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You have accused me of theft, as if a worker that has nothing could be a thief.
-- Clement Duval

#anarchism #quote #bot

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Instead of finding ways to pay rent, Balagoon said we should find ways to make communes in abandoned buildings

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I think that the thing that makes conversation "uninteresting" is actually the amount of responsibility we perceive ourselves to have toward our attention to the story

In other words, I don't actually think it's necessary for us to be fully paying attention, or fully responding, for us to be engaging respectfully with another person and giving them the space they need to express. Hm🤷🏼‍♂️

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The only good reason to call the cops:

"She doesn't call to ask for any police services. She calls to harass, to cuss and just degrade the call takers"


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"...we are calling again for International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners. Do some action of solidarity! Write letters, organize speeches or film screening, make our comrades visible on the streets with a banner drop or a graffiti and let them show that they are in our hearts and that we are fighting together.

Let’s remember those who fought against this injustice and payed with their lives.
No one is free, till all are free!"


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