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Made granola bars and wrapped them in misprinted zines.

Death to amazon and all amazon affiliates.

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Someone on fedi said that ads pollute webpages and I think marketing emails are the same for inboxes. They make checking your email a massive chore when it should be a pleasant experience.

I have absolutely zero respect for most people in marketing and advertising. Their entire job is taking up more and more of our already limited attention. These people and companies compete to steal our attention away from things that actually need it, from open source projects, from work, from your personal business, and from friends. Our collective attention is worth so much to these assholes that there's literally an entire economy built around it. Most of us don't mind giving it away left and right because we don't even realise how valuable it is.

Imagine how pleasant things could be if we got rid of "cold email campaigns" and daily newsletters and "here's what you missed!" and "check out our weekly deals!" and massive billboards on the side of the road and big banner ads on the news and three 20 second interruptions to our videos and sponsored products surrounding pictures of our friends' newborn and on and on and on

Little by little, these things actively make our lives more and more unpleasant, but because they've crept up on us and because they're small things here and there, we don't even notice them any longer.
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my autistic special interest is getting free

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that cancel "culture" has become such a thing people have decided to focus on is very interesting to me given that it pales in comparison to what i would call sacrifice culture. people sacrifice and are sacrificed way more often than they "cancel" each other and yet there doesn't seem to be that much of an emphasis on it as a phenomenon. makes sense i guess, bc the kyriarchy is good at distracting people with insignificant and unsubstantial bullshit instead

Wonder how many advancements in automobile safety are thwarted by the fact that people are always on their phones when they drive

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a surprisingly large amount of industrial portland is used to warehouse new cars. i didn't even include used car lots, junkyards, repair depots, semi-truck areas, etc. -- just four mega lots from toyota, hyundai, subaru and honda specifically for holding new shipments of cars.

together, they take up:
1.67 million sq m =
18 million sq ft =
413 acres =
0.646 sq mi =
1.673 sq km...

All music players should come with a tempo slider. Some songs sound so much better sped up a tiny bit. ;

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you can paint on anything you want in real life. it's illegal but the cops can't stop you

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I still think algorithmic discovery could be amazing for the fediverse *if* it was composed of user-definable pluggable algorithms that could be shared and selected by users to apply to their timeline, sidebar, etc

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reading @fedizine gave me happy, salute to the mtl punks, you’ve done us proud.
:black_sparkling_heart: 🏴 :black_sparkling_heart:

you all should read it!

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Chile: a fiery July in the Mapuche territories

On Wednesday morning, July 6th, 5 trucks of a forestry company were set on fire (1st picture below) after the drivers were taken down. According to the press, the ten or so armed individuals managed to flee despite the carabinieri roadblocks that were quickly set up in the area, which were first greeted by gunfire.

On July 9, 2021 in Carahue (Chile), Pablo Marchant Gutiérrez was assassinated during an attack against vehicles of the company Forestal Mininco, subsidiary of the cellulose giant CMPC. The 29-year-old former anthropology student, who later joined the Mapuche struggle through CAM (Coordinadora Arauco Malleco), was participating in the burning of a minibus, a skidder and a tanker at around 5pm on the Santa Ana-Tres Palos estate, when he was shot in the head at close range by carabinieri charged with protecting the interests of the loggers. Following this police assassination, the whole Mapuche area was set ablaze for many weeks.

four wooden cottages located near the lake Lanalhue, in the sector of La Vaina. They set fire to them before disappearing, leaving only ashes behind them. (2nd picture below) These four vacation cabins are not just any cabins, since their owner is none other than Carlos Sanhueza, a retired prefect of the criminal police (PDI), and recycled in the private sector as a security manager for several forestry companies in the region. On the spot, the cops will find a banner, on which was written: “Rich and foresters clear of the Mapuche territory”, demanding in particular the freedom for all the Mapuche prisoners.

4 trucks, 8 machines and 3 portacabins were burned. (3rd picture below) They were operated on behalf of the company Forestal Mininco, and nearly 30 armed individuals participated in this attack, according to the press. The attack was carried out by the ORT Pablo Marchant (CAM), which had to confront the special forces that were guarding the site.

On Wednesday morning, July 6, on the El Coigüe estate of a forestry company, 1 warehouse and 3 vehicles belonging to the businessman and latifundist (a large landowner) Cortessi were burned. (4th picture below) According to the press, the warehouse, which was doused with gasoline, did not go up in smoke following the exchange of fire between the five assailants and the owner, who was not able to save his cars.

much more at

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Beneath the Concrete, the Forest

Participants in the movement to defend the forest in Atlanta describe their experiences occupying the woods, keeping developers at bay, and participating in the most recent week of action, explaining what makes this fight so meaningful to them. This is an inspiring collection of front-line reports from a thriving movement.

Want to write a folk song about Willem Van Spronsen

Using milk crates as furniture is wild because I have SO MANY milk crates rockin around my house but when I actually need one I find they are all in use and I need to go get more.

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Went to listen to Throbbing Gristle and accidentally switched the radio to AM static instead of aux and it took me a MINUTE to realize I wasnt just listening to a different TG album than I intended to.

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