'PLUR' engraved into the side of a gun.

Soliciting web advice 

Whats the easiest/best way to host music on my webbedsite? Like obviously I could just link straight to the file but I think it would be cute to have a lil music player or something. My website is purely html+css right now, im not sure if what I want is possible without javascript but that would be ideal.

I want to read one of Octavia Butler's novels soon. Anybody have a favorite?

@paul @erik you dont really have to learn bookbinding to do this! (Although it certainly wont hurt, also bookbinding is fun and rewarding and not as hard as it seems)

Just get one of those pads of paper(you can find them with grids or dots too) with a cardboard back.
Then rip(or cut) off the cardboard back, take the paper and cut it into the size you want, then cut the cardboard piece to be a little bigger than twice the size of your notebook, fold it in half(you can flatten the fold to make a spine if youre fancy), spread wood glue into the spine part and also onto the ends of the paper you wanna put in and then shove it in there(I recommend doing some test fittings before gluing up for real) and then clamp the glued spine with woodworking clamps or just lay some heavy shit on it.
Tadah! A notebook.

Its not as polished as the ones you can buy but mine has lasted me well enough living in my bag for months and when I fill it up Im gonna make another one the same way. I recommend using some kind of tool to crease the cardboard, the one used in bookbinding is called a bone folder but you could use a butter knife or something.

Fuck rockets, fuck helicopters, fuck planes.
The sky is for the birds.

I just love making gay little CDs with gay little music on it to play to my gay ass friends at our gay ass little events.

We have reached a crisis point.

We are aware that whole areas of our experience of life are missing.

We are faced with a storm of thee fiercest strength known.

We are faced with the debasement of man to a creature without feelings, without knowledge and pride of SELF.

We are faced with dissolution far more complete than death. A New Dark Ages.

We have been conditioned, encouraged and blackmailed into self-restriction, into a narrower and narrower perception of ourselves, our importance and our potential.

All this constitutes a Psychick Attack of thee highest magnitude.

Acceptance is defeat.

Resistance is dangerous and unpredictable but for those who realize the totality of defeat, resistance must be thee only option conceivable.

RIGHT NOW you have these alternatives:
To remain forever part of a sleeping world…

To gradually abandon thee hopes and dreams of childhood…

To be permanently addicted to the drug of the commonplace…

Or, to fight alongside us in thee Temple ov Psychick Youth! A New Way On!
Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth has been convened in order to act as a catalyst and focus for the Individual development of all those who wish to reach inwards and strike out.

Maybe you are one of these, already feeling different, dissatisfied, separate from thee mass around you, instinctive and alert?

You are already one of us.

The fact you have this message is a start in itself.

Don’t think we are going to tell you what to do, what to be.

The world is full of institutions that would be delighted if you thought and did exactly what they told you.

Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth is not and NEVER WILL BE one of them.

We offer no dogmas, and no promises of comfort or easy answers.

You are going to have to find out your Self, we offer only the method of survival as a True Being, we give you back to yourself, we support your Individuality in which the Spirit and Will united burn with passion & pride.

Our function is to direct and support. Work that is needlessly repeated is simply wasteful.

Accordingly we will be making public books, manuscripts & other recordings of our progress, in various formats, video and audio.

These do not contain meaningless dogma but are examples of our interests & beliefs in action.

They are made not as entertainment, but as experience, not the mundane experience of dayto-day routine but of the Spirit & Will triumphant.

Anybody knownany good music torrent sites?(or have invites to private ones?)
I used to be on RED but then I fucked up my computer and couldnt seed my shit enough so Im prob not allowed on there.
Should I just figure out how to use soulseek?

Kink discourse 

It pisses me off so much to still be seeing "safe, sane and consenual" around kink spaces. I thought this discourse had been settled years ago.
Safe- A lot of the times people engage in edge play that is decidedly NOT "safe". This is intentional and the people engaged are adults who are able to assess their own risk and engage in "unsafe" behaviours if they so choose.
Sane- this is just stigmatization of mental illness. Not all people who are into kinky sex have the luxury of not being mentally ill. Some people ARE "insane". The amount that you are deemed " sane" is not determinate of wether or not you should be allowed to practice kinky sex. I'd wager that more people who are engaged in kink struggle with mental illness than those who do not. Fuck your impositions of "sanity".
Consensual- this one is less controversial but sometimes people practice consensual nonconsent. This is a part of their kinky sex lives.
It just always feels like these rules signal a particular kind of kink space, one that is not actually open to everyone that does kink.

Hoe - Partiboi69

Been listening to this one on repeat since it came out. This shit is deadly.


@guru a lot of good contemporary anarchist stuff is Anonymous or included in periodicals.
I recommend:
Baedan (1 and 2)
Anything released by Return Fire distro
Alfredo Bonanno
Fredy Perlman
Ramon Elani
Wolfi Landstreicher/Feral Faun
Dr Bones
(These last two are kind of controversial and have both been "canceled" in some form but I do think their writings are worth reading. Its important to engage critically as it is anything you read)

Long live piracy.
Death to intellectual property.
Death to all property.
All freedom to the imagination.

@sulkahattu@mastodon.sdf.org youre a stupid bitch. Get banned.

Trying to find information on how to do DIY cd releases and interestingly enough most of the search results are basically ads from the cd manufacturers being like "Dont DIY your cd release, arent you anxious you might fuck something up by ~*using the wrong program*~, also it might take a while 👻"

Is it really as simple as getting a dece cd replicator/duplicator and a bunch of blank cds and jewel cases? The amount of effort the manufacturing plants are putting in to convince me otherwise without any real reasons makes me think it might be that easy.

I have a shitty little disc drive/burner that came with my computer and Ive been burning Verbatim CDs but I just wanted to step up the quality a little bit. Is it actually just not that complicated and doing it with basic equipment is just as good as doing it with more expensive stuff?
Looking for other's thoughts on this.

@kallisti @bugs I would definitely look into to daoist martial arts and meditation techniques(Baguazhang, Taiji, Zhan Zhuang, Circle Walking(this is part of Bagua but can be practiced on its own)) it doesnt have to be daoist obviously but I find its nice to have the reasons for the things that Im doing align with my philosophies, theres a very rich world here, perhaps learn about daoist internal alchemy. I also recommend learning more about chaos magick. Chaos Magick is mostly about applying the will and strengthening its effects. Something like Condensed Chaos by Phil Hine is a dece introduction.

I know Im just a fucking DIY kid at heart but damm it enrages me to pay more than $10 to get into a show. Shows should (ideally) be free. I know its hard to do that when there's performers and bartenders that gotta live but thats why your free show should be BYOB and everyone should be getting bugged to donate to the touring acts. We had a while in our scene where house shows regularly paid touring bands more than the same show if it was at a bar. This is hard to do but not impossible. It just makes my blood boil to see shows cost upwards of $40 a head.
DIY or die bitches. Everything should be free. Including and ESPECIALLY music.

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