Anybody have any harp jazz reccs similar to Alice Coltrane?


Jazz harp players are few and far between but here are some recs:
Anything by Brandee Younger
the albums "When the World Was One," "Into Forever," and "Oneness" by Matthew Halsall

Coltrane had a "bite" to her music I haven't really found replicated anywhere but these at least feature some good jazz harp

@joemama have you listened to any Dorothy Ashby? I've only listened to her album called Afro-Harping & I think its wonderful. Definitely recommend if you haven't already listened


not quite in the coltrane vein, but Dezron Douglas & Brandee Younger play as a harp/bass duo, really engaging sound.

@joemama I have swam the seas of harp jazz and I'm sorry to tell you the answer is no.

Philip Cohran plays harp on this mother of a record though:

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