I cant believe some people go to work and dont feel like they are being forcibly removed from their life for 8+ hours

@joemama I think the vast majority of the population probably on some level has just learned to repress what should be a natural reaction of feeling like a third of one's life is being taken away from them to do some completely worthless and boring task

@nyx yeah its pretty fucking horrifying tbh. Esp thinking that this is what a bunch of people, mostly manager types but actual people too wanted to "get back to normal" about.
Meanwhile not working for like 3 months during COVID lockdown was genuinely some of the nicest time Ive ever spent, even though I was afraid for my life and the people around me.

@joemama yeah, I still remember the early months of the pandemic fondly because I wasn't working and just got to chill, even though it was also a stressful time because of money stuff

:sadness: Thinkin' about this every single day of my life since 2006

@joemama being in the role of my worksona for over 6 hours is unbearable

@joemama I've felt this way every god damned day since the late 1980s. When (if?) I ever get to retire, I'll be too broken down and useless to enjoy it.

@joemama sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't.

I'm at my best when my job is about solving problems that don't feel pointless.

@lamp then they should get a life outside of being exploited.

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